P.Louise Base

There’s an eyeshadow base that has got everyone talking. It only costs a tenner and it’s a homegrown brand. Step forward P. Louise, better known as Paige Louise, a renowned make-up artist whose eyeshadow base has taken the beauty world by storm, selling out as a result of being endorsed and praised by Nikki Tutorials. Paige also runs her own make-up academy in Denton, Manchester.

So…I had to try this incredible eyeshadow base. There really hasn’t been anyone else to threaten Urban Decay’s Primer Potion which has held the coveted spot of the holy grail of eyeshadow bases since the year dot.

As I mentioned, the P.Louise’s base is only £10 for 15ml of product (UD PP is £17.50 for 10ml), however it is £4.99 for ‘standard delivery’ which I feel is expensive considering it’s half the price of the eyeshadow primer.

Shade 2 (Rumour) is the original with various other shades introduced to match skin tones. I couldn’t find any decent swatches and reviews of the different shades so I took my chance with shade 2 and 3. It also helped to soften the blow of the postage as £4.99 covered both items.

Moving on… The packaging is sleek looking, in fact it resembles something Too Faced would come up with in terms of the design. It’s simply a tube – no doe foot applicator so it’s practical and hygienic.

Shade 2 is light for my warm skin tone while shade 3 is a close match, however once the base is covered, it’s not going to show up. The purpose of an eyeshadow base is that creates a blank canvas. I’ve often used NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and that’s chalky white!

Any way, a really tiny amount is needed which is best applied with a synthetic flat brush. The difference with this primer is it doesn’t require powder to set it so eyeshadow can be applied straight onto it. Speaking of which, I can not believe how brilliantly and quickly eyeshadow works on the P.Louise base – minimal effort required! There is no dragging, nor does product disappear so you’re not forced to keep patting on more. Blending is a dream too and as for the results? This base makes eyeshadow POP. It also doesn’t crease eyeshadow, not even after several hours’ wear. By the end of the night, my eyeshadow still looked as vibrant as I had applied it with not a single crease. I really cannot fault this product and unfortunately UD PP is pretty inferior in comparison.

The hype is real. If you’re an eyeshadow fiend, then you ought to get this. P.Louise Base is available directly from P.Louise Makeup Academy.

In case you’re wondering, I’m wearing Colourpop’s Yes, Please! palette with Fenty Beauty‘s Trophy Wife in the inner corner.


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