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This month marks the ninth year since Just Nice Things began. Shamefully I forget the exact date but Leanne will tell you it was March 2009 because she too started her blog, Do Not Refreeze at the same time.

Nine years on and I’m still here. I feel like blogging as a whole has changed a huge amount in those years but I don’t believe I have. Well, OK…I’m a damn good writer now and my photography skills have improved a great deal but as a blog, Just Nice Things has remained loyal to its roots as a platform to review beauty impartially.

Nine years on and it’s an honour to be featured in the latest issue of Blogosphere magazine as one of beauty managing editor Lima of Fashionicide‘s Top 5 beauty blogs. Thank you for your kind words, Lima! Thank you to everyone who’s left messages of support on my Instagram and tweeted me. It means a great deal and I value it immensely. Here’s to the next year for the magical milestone of 10 years!

If you fancy a read, you can order a copy online from Blogosphere magazine directly or it is available from some branches of WH Smith.


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