New YouTube video: Primark haul

Hello! I’ve been absent from the blog for almost a couple of weeks and one of the reasons is that I have been devoting my time and attention to my YouTube channel. If you haven’t already seen the latest video, then please head over to my channel – it’s a Primark haul with some brilliant finds. It really is a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ with Primark because their merchandise flies off the hangers and shelves.

As I type this, I am in the middle of editing a new video which will either go live tonight or tomorrow (depending on how long this malarkey takes). I’m really having fun with my channel and gaining subscribers every day is motivating me to do more. It’s also lovely to receive comments and interact with viewers, which is unfortunately lacking on the blog. I can’t think why but that’s the way things have been for a while. I’m no stranger to video editing and filming – it’s something I did a lot of during my college years and outside of school – so it’s a good way to get back into an art I spent much of my time on.

If you haven’t already subscribed, please do – I’d be ever so grateful! My channel features vlogs on food and travel as well as some other random things but I’m reluctant to cover beauty simply because I don’t think I can add anything new or different to this oversaturated genre (and I very much doubt anyone wants to see me do a tutorial!)


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