Foundation Files: Sleek Lifeproof Foundation

I heard Sleek had a new foundation in its arsenal and the chatter around the beauty blogging world had me gagging to try it. Actually, this foundation was recommended to me by Maryam Sofia, blogger and make-up artist whose skin was simply glowing when I met her. Straight away she told me she was wearing this foundation and felt it was superior to the likes of MAC. Sleek’s Lifeproof foundation gave Maryam a beautiful, dewy look (although I can see she has flawless, youthful skin).

My search was not without its hurdles. I must have visited at least four branches of Superdrug, all of which were poorly stocked with shades and worst, no products available to buy. Available in 24 shades (with more to come), each branch barely had half. Online a lot of shades were out of stock too. And don’t get me started on how terrible Boots’ effort was. Urgh. I was torn between two shades – LP05 and LP07. The latter was available, so I bought it and the former came back in stock at a later stage (which I bought as well).

Lifeproof comes in a 30ml lightweight flat tube (so it’s great for travel) and claims to be sweat-proof and oil-free, offering medium to full coverage. The consistency of the foundation is quite thick and pigmented like Too Faced’s Born This Way and Urban Decay’s All Nighter and is really easy to work with. No oxidisation and coverage is impressive.

It passes the sweat test as it had not budged when I’ve been squished on the morning train to work. I never touch-up during the day so a foundation has to last at least 12 hours. Colour match wise it’s a tricky one – LP05 is a teeny weeny bit light but hardly noticeable. It’s the shade I can definitely wear in the winter whereas LP07 is a touch warmer. The difference is really minor in my eyes but if I have to pick one, then I would go for LP07.

Do I like this? Yes, I do. It does a brilliant job for £8.99. Great coverage, scores highly on longevity and isn’t bulky or heavy in packaging but I do have one niggling thought…

I have worn this foundation four or five times and it’s already half empty. At 30ml, it’s the same amount as most high-end foundations, which leads me to conclude more product is required to get decent coverage whereas with the high-end foundations, a little bit goes a long way. At £8.99, I suspect I would go through at least three of these in a month. I’ve barely used a quarter of my Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation and have worn that numerous times, which I bought before Sleek. It’s just something to bear in mind. For a high street foundation I can’t fault its pay-off, colour match and packaging. If this is the standard Sleek is producing, then I’m very intrigued and excited to see how they’d do with a Lifeproof concealer. Whether it’s good value for money is debatable but it is a great way to start 2018 for them.

You can pick up Sleek’s Lifeproof Foundation from Boots and Superdrug as well as directly from Sleek.


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