Yardley: The Collection

Hey! Guess who’s back? Yardley? Yeah, your grandmother’s favourite but hold up, it looks different…very different. Boasting a contemporary new look, iconic British perfume house Yardley London has rebranded and reinvented itself into five dazzling new fragrances with The Collection and just for good measure, the digital campaign is fronted by rock royalty’s next gen, Tigerlily Taylor, model and daughter of Queen drummer, Roger Taylor. Oh and the entire thing was shot by Rankin.

The five new jewel themed fragrances – Daisy Sapphire, Rosie Ruby, Poppy Diamond, Lilac Amethyst and Flora Jade – are aimed at the mature millennial (35+), each housed in a glass art-deco style flacon and packed in jewel graphic print box.

The line-up is a celebration of Yardley’s floral heritage but with a twist – each one has been assigned a personality type and recognisable by a colour. Daisy Sapphire (yellow) is ‘cheeky, playful and cute’, Rosie Ruby (pink) is ‘classic rock chic’; Poppy Diamond (white) is ‘confident, strong and powerful’, Lilac Amethyst (purple) is ‘edgy and mysterious’ and Flora Jade (green) is ‘boho chic’.

Straight up, the design of the bottles are stylish, contemporary and well, so different from Yardley’s classic look (which is hasn’t been discontinued in case your gran or mum might be worried). The new look is refreshing and inviting, and just what’s needed to inject some excitement into the brand.

The other thing is, the scents are actually really, really good. Yes, each one is top notch and I would very happily wear each one on a different day because it is hard to pick a favourite. To give you an idea:

  • Daisy Sapphire (which is  nod at Yardley’s Royal English Daisy fragrance) is a green floral with top notes of green leaves and apple, heart notes of hyacinth and white rose and a dry down of sandalwood and musk;
  • Rosie Ruby boasts fruity top notes of mandarin, pear, peach and cassis with a heart of pink pepper, peony, rose and orange flower water, and base notes are cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla;
  • Poppy Diamond is a sophisticated, sparkling and uplifting floral fragrance with top notes of pear, bergamot and honey with a heart of rose, peony and lily of the valley, enhanced with cedar wood, sandalwood and vanilla;
  • Lilac Amethyst is a multifaceted floral woody fragrance with top notes of pear, lemon, bergamot and basil and a heart of fig, peach flower, black pepper and heliotrope, complemented by a warm, woody amber base; and
  • Flora Jade is a crisp, floral chypre with green top notes of beach, bergamot and galbanum and a heart of rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and orris with base notes include patchouli, sandalwood and moss.

I was kindly gifted Rosie Ruby and Floral Jade, both of which are perfect for spring and ideal to wear every day. Between the two, I think Rosie Ruby pips it to the post for me because it contains rose, my favourite floral ingredient.

Yardley has taken a gamble with pushing its boundaries. Reinventing and rebranding isn’t easy, especially when trying to shake off a stuffy, old image but this brave, new direction is just what Yardley needs.

The Collection by Yardley London is available exclusively to Boots stores and online priced at £25 each for 50ml, as well as www.yardleylondon.co.uk.


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