Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor

Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor

zyliss-easy-pull-manual-food-processor5Lakeland has some bang-tidy things. I actually worry about walking into a store because I know I will walk out in tears, wanting EVERYTHING with no room to keep it all. I’ve already have a list of bits and pieces I’m lusting for from their latest catalogue – seriously, so good. The catalogue, that is…and my list, come to think of it.

The Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor* is a regular fixture in Lakeland and one I’ve spotted, pondered over but then walked away from. The idea that something manual could be a superior substitute to its electrical counterpart just doesn’t make sense. Manual? *snorts* Why bother with the physical efforts it demands when one flick of a switch performs the job? Pass me a huge slice of humble pie because Zyliss’ Easy Pull Manual Food Processor has proved me wrong on all accounts.

This nifty little thing finely chops, mixes and purées fruits, nuts, herbs and more using a pull-cord system that works like a spinning top. In the time it takes to plug in an electrical food processor, lock the lid down and switch it on, you can chop an onion into smithereens with the Zyliss chopper.

Inside there are two independently moving stainless steel sharp blades which move constantly without getting stuck whilst a plastic blade at the bottom helps to push ingredients towards the blades for faster, more consistent results. The clear bowl allows you to see the ingredients as you chop and, for convenience, both the bowl and the blade attachment can be easily removed and are dishwasher safe.


zyliss-easy-pull-manual-food-processor2You can make salsa, guacamole and hummus in few minutes. Imagine the taste of fresh guacamole… I’ve also used it to make breadcrumbs. Depending on the consistency required, about 5-6 pulls is enough for a coarse chop, 7-12 for fine and 20+ for puréed or smoothly blended ingredients.


zyliss-easy-pull-manual-food-processor8The benefits of using this manual chopper are it’s safe, cost-effective, easy to clean and takes up less space than an electric food processor – even my mini electric chopper is a bulky nuisance. You’re also more in as often you can overdo it with an electric.

It’s been fantastic when I’ve made my butter chicken. Usually I finely chop onions by hand, which is tedious, messy and hurts my eyes. The Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor cuts the onions literally in about 10 seconds. I’ve also chopped the chillies and coriander (the latter is so messy to do by hand) so it’s reduced the preparation time by a large margin.

zyliss-easy-pull-manual-food-processor4There is always this fear in the back of my mind that I’ll buy a gadget or kitchen tool, use it once and then shelve it but the Zyliss is pretty much used several times a week.

The Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor costs £19.99 and is available from Lakeland. For more information on Zyliss, visit www.zyliss.co.uk.




  1. 27th July 2016 / 4:19 AM

    This was a great post, and this little gadget would be great for a one person or if you were just 2 people. I may have to go look for this, sounds like it works great !!

  2. Sheenie
    6th August 2016 / 12:17 AM

    Thank you, Katie! You’re absolutely right – it’s perfect for one person or a couple. Lightweight and takes up very little space plus you get a little workout from using it too! x

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