Simba Hybrid Pillow

I have a smile on my face as I type this. Why? Because every night since last week I’ve had the best sleep thanks to my new Simba Hybrid pillow*.

The thing is, I’ve been having pillow issues for a while. I used to favour soft, fluffy ones (always a pair) but then I changed to medium firm and just a single pillow yet I’d wake up with a crick in my neck or some other mild irritation.

The Simba Hybrid pillow is brought to you by the same folks responsible for the Simba Hybrid Mattress, which is one of a number of mattress-in-a-box concepts suddenly cropping up everywhere you look. (I’ll come back to the pillow in a bit.) Order online, mattress is delivered to the door rolled up in a box, unroll and leave the mattress to swell up to its normal shape, then enjoy a good night’s sleep every night for the next 10 years. Have you tried carrying a double mattress up and down the stairs? I have and I don’t recommend it. The mattress-in-a-box eliminates the worry of manoeuvring it around tricky, confined spaces.

I’ve come across four different brands including Simba but to me Simba stands out for a few good reasons:

  • their mattress has five layers of comfort, a hybrid of memory foam, micro-coils, latex foam and support foam;
  • their mattress has conical pocket springs (2,500 to be exact) and
  • they sell online as well as through John Lewis so they can tried out in store.

The mattress is a medium-firm feel and the colour scheme of white and grey is sleek and modern. Simba also offers a 100 night trial so if you’re not satisfied, they will take away the mattress free of charge, no questions asked and no, they don’t re-sell used mattresses. That would be wrong. There is also a base available that is easy to put together.

I’m normally of the mindset that when it comes to purchasing a mattress, it must be tested in store. Goldilocks wasn’t kidding, you know. The thought of blindly buying a mattress online without trying it first is crazy, however Simba has taken away the dilemma by creating one mattress to suit all sleeping patterns and engineered for optimal sleep based on extensive scientific testing with The Sleep To Live Institute whose research profiled over 10 million people.

As I’ve grown older, getting the right support in sleeping is incredibly important and I’m proud to be a sleep snob because once you’ve invested in a bed, you’ll wonder how you managed without. It’s not just the number of hours you sleep, it’s how it has an adverse effect on your posture and how you wake up feeling. We are all leading busier lifestyles, working longer hours, carrying more weight on our shoulders (literally) and unfortunately these factors contribute to the tension in our bodies.

I switched to a memory foam mattress nearly 10 years ago and haven’t looked back but while I’ve been happy with my mattress, the same can’t be said about my pillows. Unfortunately it seems pillows are overlooked as we assume the type of mattress we sleep on is the end and be all. It’s also difficult to pinpoint the issue with pillows…that is until I learned about Simba’s Hybrid pillow and that’s when I felt like my prayers had been answered. Like the Simba Hybrid Mattress, the Simba Hybrid Pillow (with added OUTLAST® and down) is a ‘one-type-fits-all’ with five layers.

First impression is it looks intimidating from its shape and design but it measures at 50 x 75cm so it fits inside a standard UK size pillow case. From the first night I noticed it felt cool as soon as my head touched it and the temperature remained regulated throughout. This is because it’s been developed for NASA with OUTLAST® technology to ensure you’re never too hot or cold. Originally made for space exploration, OUTLAST® proactively regulates your body temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat so you can enjoy continous sleep and wake up refreshed.

On the other side, the pillow is padded with a layer of soft duck down. The OUTLAST® works to keep your body temperature regulated, while the down provides you with that luxury feel and at no point does the pillow lose its shape or become flattened.

The Simba Hybrid pillow is a clever thing. It’s possible to alter the firmness and adjust the height by removing the special Nanotube memory foam filling inside. Furthermore, each Nanotube adapts to your sleeping position, supporting the complex structures of the head, neck and spine. This is something I greatly appreciate as I sleep on my side.

The Nanotubes can be washed by removing them from the case and placing them in the special storage bag the pillow comes with and air-dried inside the bag in a warm but dry room. The outer shell of the pillow can then be machine washed at 40°C and tumble dried on low heat. This is great since hygiene is key with how much we sweat and shed in our sleep and even a pillow protector doesn’t serve as an adequate barrier.

Genuinely, the pillow is blissful to sleep on. I’ve been experiencing a much sounder, more restful sleep since using this pillow and look forward to the feeling of my head hitting the plush filling every night. I’m never going back. Ever.

Simba’s Hybrid Pillow with added OUTLAST® and down costs £95, and the standard version without the extras is £65, covered by a one year guarantee. I don’t regard the price tags as something to baulk at when some high-end luxury feather-stuffed pillows cost a similar price or more. I see this pillow as an investment and comfort is of a great importance. Besides I have spent more on pillows in the last year or so which have not lasted.

Experiencing Simba’s Hybrid pillow has given me a lot of confidence in the brand and I am really keen try their mattress next. If you’re reluctant to take the gamble (admittedly it’s not cheap) getting a taster of the quality and comfort Simba guarantees with the pillow alone is a step in the right direction. Mattresses start from £399 for a single with 0% finance available. Simba is also releasing a hybrid duvet very soon, which incorporates the same concept as its other products.

To explore more about Simba, visit their website or to try their products, hop to your nearest John Lewis.

UPDATE: Simba mattresses, pillows and duvet are now available at Argos too.


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