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Protein shakes. They make me think of body building muscle Mary freaks in the gym. I’ve seen huge tubs of the powdered stuff in health food shops but yeah, I never quite understood the point. Are they a supplement if you’re not getting your protein quota in the conventional way?

I go to the gym regularly (yes, I’ve been sticking to it for the past 7 months), I have a personal trainer to shake things up and I am diligent with maintaining a balanced diet so am I really missing out on bringing protein drinks into my life?

Well I was recently sent some cold pressed protein smoothies by Savsé so I took this as an opportunity to educate myself better on them. If you’re in the same boat as me, read on.

Savsé’s cold pressed protein smoothies in fruity flavours uses HPP (high pressure processing), a sophisticated preservation method that maintains the goodness the nutrients and vitamins from the fruit and veg used in these smoothies, while ensuring that every bottle is totally safe to drink. They do not heat pasteurise their drinks, which destroys vital nutrients and vitamins and also removes the natural taste and flavour.

The smoothies use whey, the most common protein ingredient as it contains all of the nine essential amino acids to help heal damaged muscles. Whey, along with casein and milk-based protein powders, are dubbed the best parts of milk, with carbs and fats removed so consuming these allows the increase of protein intake without consuming those macro-nutrients that are hard to shift in large quantities.

Protein drinks  are best consumed after a workout when your muscles are repairing and able to absorb the nutrients they’re lacking. I’ve also learned drinking just before bed is another option since – again – while your body is resting, it can begin to repair the muscles.

Whenever I’ve had a session with my trainer, I’ve found my muscles aching for two days after and that’s just from doing squats, lunges and other leg work! I’m beginning to realise that perhaps downing a protein shake after the gruelling workout my trainer puts me through may be a good idea.

So for someone who’s never imbibed these concoctions, how do these fair? Did I notice a difference? Well it’s not going to show after three drinks but I took them within 30 minutes of a HIIT session (that’s High Intensity Interval Training). The smoothie provided the stop gap before the hunger pangs could kick in.

Protein Blast is a pleasant fruity mix of strawberries, apple, blueberry, lemon, coconut and whey – not sweetened at all. Protein Smash isn’t to my liking unfortunately – the tanginess of the apple is overpowering and clashes with the coconut and Protein Punch is a take on the classic Pina Colada (love a virgin Pina Colada). In total there are 11 flavours to choose from.

Savsé is also very open with the nutritional information on the bottle and on their website, and it is simple to decipher. Is it worth it? As far as health drinks go, it’s the closest thing to freshly making it yourself and a far healthier option to the other fruit drinks crammed full of sugars and additives. However, it’s not something I would drink after every gym session because of the expense (it’s £3 a bottle for 250ml).

Savsé’s drinks do contain a very small percentage of fat, carbs and sugar which would add up over a lengthy period, particularly if you’re militant about cutting down on your intake with your fitness regime.  I know my personal trainer prefers to have his protein powder mixed with water but if you’re looking to ween yourself off sugar, then Savsé would be a sensible substitute while ensuring you get some vital nutrients in your system. I noticed one of my local coffee shops stocks Savsé smoothies so that’s good to know I can opt for this instead of my usual latte.

Savsé Smoothies are available to buy from Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose and online. They’re also available at other stockists including cafes. To find your nearest supplier, visit


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