Foundation Files: PS… My Perfect Colour – Perfect Finish Foundation

I’m wearing a £2.50 foundation and it’s by Primark. That’s right, Primark and it’s bloody marvellous. My opinion has changed with Primark’s PS… make-up range since Miss Beauty Adikt and Shahleena’s started singing their praises on a lot of their products. In fact it was Shahleena who tried and tested this foundation on her YouTube channel and seeing as we match in our foundations, I blindly picked up this one in the shade Toffee, which is spot-on. Thanks, Shahleena!

I knew it was good from the moment I started applying it. It goes on like a dream, blends quickly and easily and more importantly, it looks good plus the packaging is lightweight and travel-friendly. What’s not to like?

I’ve picked up on using Vitamin E as a key ingredient but I think this is insignificant. Put is this way, for the price of £2.50 I don’t expect there is very much of it in the product.

My Perfect Colour offers medium coverage and leaves a decent semi-matte finish. I’d say the foundation is buildable – it certainly does a fine job of hiding blemishes. The result is a lovely, natural look. I wear this over PS…’s Primer Water (another favourite of Shahleena and Selina’s which is only £2).

At regular intervals throughout the day, I kept checking in the mirror how it was holding up and amazingly, it hadn’t budged or needed re-applying. In fact, my face looked no different to if I had been wearing a premium branded foundation.

By about 5pm (after having applied it since 8am), my blusher had faded and I probably could have done with a touch-up if I wanted to freshen up my appearance. I don’t put that down to the performance of this foundation because after so many hours, your make-up is not going to look as if you’ve freshly applied it. Exposure to the harsh, cold weather, air-con in the office for nearly 9 hours and using public transport do not help matters so in my opinion, this foundation is in no way poor. If anything, it’s bloody brilliant. I have normal (dehydrated) skin which I do prep thoroughly before applying my foundation.

So how does it look? Well you can see for yourself in my latest video on my YouTube channel below:

Flawless, huh? I have no idea how this will measure up in warmer weather but it’s virtually a steal so what’s there to complain about? You can’t get more budget-friendly than a £2.50 foundation from Primark – they’ve smashed the ‘drug store’ price point here. Suddenly the likes of Sleek’s £8.99 Lifeproof Foundation seems rather expensive in comparison. I’m just baffled how Primark have come up with a foundation for £2.50 that actually delivers. And it’s 35ml too when most foundations are only 30ml. It’s insane! Apparently they are 16 shades in total, which may not sound great but it does look like they’ve covered a wide spectrum. Yes, there will be some unhappy faces so I hope Primark introduce more shades because this foundation is banging.

Primark is seriously gathering pace with its beauty range; their lip pencils and blushers are superb quality. Don’t knock them till you’ve tried them…and this foundation.


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