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Launching a make-up brand in what is already a heavily saturated market is by no means an easy mission. I mean, if I were faced with the task, I wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s alright when a conglomerate has your back or if you’re a high-profile blogger/vlogger/influencer who only has to choose a product and blindly slap their name across it but for anyone who is genuinely passionate and knowledgable, it’s a different ball game. However, the smaller ones are usually the sparkly gems because their strength and passion shines through.

Beauty Adikt is a new name on the scene and one I’ve been touting on my Instagram and Snapchat accounts recently. The name behind this new line is vlogger Miss Beauty Adikt, who has spent over a year quietly planning, researching, preparing and creating the first product of her moniker, the Solar Glow all whilst holding down a 45 hour-a-week job, pawrenting two cats and enduring an epic commute. I know this because I follow her Snapchat stories but also Selina is a good friend of mine, however I’m going to park that to one side with my thoughts on these products.

Solar Glows are finely pigmented loose powdered highlighters. There are five individual ones, boasting a rich metallic finish and each has been named after the changing colours of the sky. These highlighters are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Everything from sourcing the ingredients, trialling samples, naming the products, photographing, creating the website and choosing the design and packaging has been down to the hard grafting of Selina – this girl has been knee-deep in every step of the process. And I’m astounded. The result is so slick and professional and could easily be seen on a beauty stand in a store.

For her debut make-up product, Selina has wisely focussed on one thing and it’s something that is universally appealing and works across all skin tones. Now loose powders, on the other hand, is an interesting concept and one which takes me back to my days training to be a make-up artist once upon a time. As consumers and make-up lovers, we’ve become so habituated with pressed powders especially palettes that the idea of using loose feels almost alien and a little bit scary too.

Keeping Solar Glow in a loose format comes down to production costs. Pressed powders cost more to manufacture (as would liquid, I imagine); Selina is keen to keep the prices down so her range is accessible to more while the quality is not compromised. It’s a crucial factor when you’re a teeny fish in a big pond. We don’t bat an eyelid at throwing £40+ on a palette emblazoned with a big name without realising the brand is passing the cost onto us, the consumer. Working with loose powder actually gives more control and with how deeply pigmented Solar Glows are, very little product is needed and is easily transferrable onto the brush so you need to go in with a soft hand.

I was kindly sent Dawn* and Noor* and immediately knew I wanted to purchase the rest. Yep, it didn’t take long to be bowled over. These carefully curated shades are wonderfully flattering and wearable whether it’s day or night. So what do we have? Well…

  • Dawn is a soft peach with a gold undertone (suitable for all skin tones)
  • Sunrise is a soft bronze with rose gold undertones (suitable for medium to deep skin tones)
  • Dusk is a soft warm bronze (suitable for medium to deep skin tones)
  • Noor is a soft, nude silver (suitable for fair to medium skin tones)
  • Sunset is a dusty rose with warm undertones (suitable for medium to deep skin tones)

Here are the swatches in natural light and with flash respectively – one finger swipe by the way. Notice how pigmented they are? It’s insane!

The best way to extract the loose powder is to gently tap some onto the inside of the lid like a salt and pepper shaker. Size wise I was expecting these to be bigger but appreciate the practicality and reality of the actual size. It comes back to pricing (the bigger something is, the more it will cost) and more importantly, a little bit goes a long way. I find with using a fan brush only a small amount is enough to gently buff into the skin. The container is also lightweight.

Dawn is a very popular choice with its gold specks (it sold out on the launch) but the soft bronze tone of Dusk just edges it to the top for me. I haven’t felt compelled to use Noor much other than on the brow bone – it looks glorious in the pot but mmm, it’s OK. It doesn’t quite show up as well on my skin tone as the other Solar Glows. I think it will be better suited to fairer skin tones but I can get other uses out of it. Interestingly, Sunrise and Sunset have more shimmer/glitter to them so they work better for a glammed up, evening look. The other shades can easily be worn in the day time as well as the night.

Here’s Dawn in natural light, applied dry:

…and here’s Dusk in natural light, also applied dry:

The Solar Glows can be worn dry or wet, day or night – even mixed together – and aren’t just limited to being used as highlighters. They can also be used for the eyes (on the lids or as a liner), on the brow bone, on the body and I would even go as far as mixing them into foundation for a touch of shimmer.

I have been using other highlighters in between (Becca, ABH, Violet Voss) but find myself reaching for a Solar Glow more (and those high-end highlighters are good!) The Solar Glows are just a joy to use; they buff and blend into the skin effortlessly and actually show up. I wouldn’t swish this about in my make-up bag but to be fair, Solar Glows don’t need topping up – they last all day.

Each Solar Glow costs £14 (£50 for the bundle of all five instead of £70) and are available directly from Beauty Adikt’s online shop, which also accepts international orders. For every pot of Noor sold, 100% of the profits will be donated to a worthy cause helping to fund water pumps/wells in developing countries. In an industry that is easy to get disillusioned with, Selina’s effort is a ray of sunshine and she deserves the recognition for it.

P.S: Selina, if you ever bring out a liquid lipstick or a blusher, please name one after me!


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