Your Guide to the Beautyblender

I became a Beautyblender devotee a year ago (my review is right here). The iconic pink elliptical shaped sponge is in every make-up artist and beauty guru’s kit. It is the undisputed queen of beauty sponges and once you’ve succumbed, no other comes close as a substitute.

The multi-functional Beautyblender never lets me down and works with every foundation, powder and cream I’ve tried it with. I have so much admiration for the Beautyblender that I’ve got a holder for it to sit on. Ah, sweet!

I don’t use it every day though. Most of the time I go to work bare-faced but also it’s a sponge that still absorbs product (though not half as much as conventional sponges) and I don’t have an en suite bathroom to keep washing and soaking it but when I want my face to look the picture, the Beautyblender is my go-to applicator.

If you’re contemplating investing in one, the original pink Beautyblender is ideal but the brand is not a one-trick pony as it also an impressive choice of products to suit a variety of uses from dabbing on skin care to getting the perfect cat flick eyeliner.

So, here’s your lowdown on what’s what with the Beautyblender:

  1. Original Beautyblender* (£16)
    Neon pink and the one to use for applying and blending foundation, concealer, CC cream, cream and powder blush and setting powder, the Original will always be the best (in my humble opinion). Remember the mantra: wet, squeeze, bounce. Wet the sponge, squeeze the excess and bounce it off the skin.
  2. Pure Beautyblender (£16/not shown but it looks like this)
    The white one is dye-free so it’s perfectly suited to sensitive skin. It is recommended for applying serum, primer, eye cream and moisturiser. I won’t lie, I have used it for my make-up and it washes out without a problem. I can see the benefit of using a sponge for skincare – it ensures utmost hygiene and it will be evenly applied.
  3. Beautyblusher*
    Smaller than the regular Beautyblender, this cool grey bubba is for using with cream and powder blush. I’ve also used it to apply Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Blush – nay problems.
  4. Micro.Mini Duo*
    An eye-catching lime green (also available in other colours) and a quarter of the size of the original, this version inflates to twice its size when wet. It is great for concealer, applying highlighter and contouring, and effortless in manouvering into small areas.
  5. Blotterazzi*
    Available in pink and black, these washable flat sponges are an alternative to blotting papers. They come in their own compact for touching up on the go and there is a separator to keep the two hygienically apart. Use dry to absorb oils without disturbing make-up and wet to wash. It will last 60 days with proper cleansing.
  6. Liner.Designer*
    Looking like a guitar plectrum, this triple-edged and flexible application tool is for applying eyeliner, mascara and lip liner neatly and with precision. For the eyes it can be used with liquid, pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid and powder and each side being a different length will facilitate in achieving whatever style you’re after be it the cat flick or something more intricate. I won’t lie, it was tricky at first to get used to the angle in which to hold it (everyone’s eye shape is different) but with practice, it gets better. The Liner.Designer comes with a helpful picture guide, a compact with a 5X magnifying mirror and suction cup allowing the compact to be used at eye level.
  7. Bodyblender* (£22)
    Big and black (*snigger*), the Bodyblender is flat but thick enough to apply fake tan, bronzer and anything else you feel like coating yourself with. As with the facial sponge, you can be sure product will be evenly distributed with the same amount of pressure than if you were to use a mitten.
  8. Liquid Blendercleanser (£23)
    I use this to wash my Beautyblender (and my brushes). It’s a large bottle that will last a long time as only a small amount is more than adequate. The gentle formula contains Coconut Surfactants and Dead Sea Salts that help keep blenders and make-up brushes soft and in top condition with a subtle lavender scent. It is formulated without parabens, sulphates and phthalates and is also available in a smaller, 150ml size for £15.
  9. Solid Blendercleanser (£14)
    This circular soap housed in a plastic container is what you need on your travels and it lasts a very long time. I realise there are cheaper alternatives on the market but I think a lot of them are a false economy where you just end up using more product and then have to buy more.

I would also like to point out that the plastic lid of the Beautyblender doubles up as a holder to dry the Beautyblender on. Practical, eh? And there you have it. There are other colours to choose and they do exactly the same things as the ones mentioned above. That said, which ones do you like? Which ones do you swear by? If you haven’t given the Beautyblender a go, why ever not?

To try or to replenish, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Sephora and Selfridges will help you out, or you can purchase directly from the main source itself, Beautyblender.

Right now Beauty Bay is offering a free Micro Mini sponge and Mini Liquid BlenderCleanser when you spend over £25 on Beautyblender.


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