Sand & Sky: Brilliant Skin

Who’s heard of Sand & Skin? I honestly haven’t but this Australian skincare brand is responsible for creating Brilliant Skin*, a botanical mask that’s stormed social media channels and sold 50,000 units in 8 weeks since its launch. Demand was so high at one point that there was a waiting list in the UK for it.

So what is so special about this mask?

Well it’s pink for a start. The cruelty-free clay mask from down under offers 4 treatments in 1: an instant detox mask, tightening pores, invigorating a dull complexion and instantly boosting radiance in 10 minutes. It also contains no nasties and shields against damage caused by pollution. The secret ingredient is pink Australian clay and it’s gentle enough for sensitive skins but like other clay-based products, its properties sound familiar. I mean, don’t all clay-based skin care draw out impurities and shrink the appearance of pores? Other ingredients are organic liquorice and Old Man’s Weed (no, not that) for invigorating skin, organic Aloe Vera and pomegranate for tightening pores and soothing whilst stimulating collagen production at the same time and Kakadu Plum, Kelp and organic Mangosteen for brightening and fighting free radical damage.

Each small pot comes with a cute brush to apply the mask with. You apply a thin layer to cleansed skin for 10 minutes, which is enough time for the mask to dry completely and change from pink to white. The texture is surprisingly creamy and soft (clay masks are usually quite thick) and you can feel it working straight away (it tingles and tightens your skin). Once it’s dry, gently remove with warm water and pat dry with a face towel.

After using Brilliant Skin, my face looked clearer and brighter. My skin also felt taut but dry but after some time the dryness subsided and my face felt supple.This mask won’t change your life but it works perfectly well for a pick-me-up. In fact Brilliant Skin reminds me of Eve Lom’s Rescue Mask, which also gives skin a radiant glow but price wise it’s not cheaper than Eve Lom, in fact it’s about the same. One 58ml pot costs £39.90 and two pots are available at 20% less for £63.84 with free (worldwide) delivery directly from Sand & Sky’s website. Amazingly only a small amount gives more than adequate coverage so it’s highly likely one pot will last a considerable time.


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