Recipe: Cappuccino Coffee Cake with Little’s Coffee


I’m most definitely a coffee person. I’ve given tea a go (I quite like Tesco’s chocolate tea that Leanne introduced me to) but for a caffeine hit to get me through the mornings at work, a steaming hot cup of coffee is very much needed.

Over the past few months, I’ve been enjoying the taste of a new coffee brand by the name of Little’s. Self-dubbed the flavour enthusiasts, the story of Little’s is a heart-warming one. It began over 25 years ago by a husband and wife from America and Finland respectively who packed in their jobs and decided to roast their own coffee beans infused with flavour extracts from their favourite ingredients. They then moved to England in the 90s with their two children and expanded their dream of making flavoured coffees. These days the family-run business is overseen by one of the couple’s children and his wife. Ah, I love a happy story like this and yes, the family name is Little. 

Little’s kindly sent me a vast selection of their naturally infused instant coffees to try. Normally I am a snob when it comes to instant coffees but having sampled Little’s flavours, the taste is distinguishable from the other competitors.

My favourites are Chocolate Caramel, Natural Maple Walnut and Rich Hazelnut which have been on rotation at work. The scent is enticing from the moment you open the jar but not overpowering enough to mask the taste of the coffee itself. Little’s also does ground coffee for the caffeinated connoisseurs but for those of us in a hurry, these flavoured instant coffee jars.

Now coffee isn’t just for drinking, it is a great ingredient in cooking and baking. Coffee and walnut cake is one of my favourites so I decided to bake a cake using Little’s Coffee. I think it’s a great way to shake up the classic coffee cake with using a flavoured one, the only dilemma was which one should I choose.


I settled for their Maple Walnut flavour (as walnut and coffee go hand-in-hand) and chose the queen of baking, Mary Berry’s recipe for Cappuccino Coffee Cake. Mary’s recipes are fool-proof and never, ever go wrong (in my experience). This one is so easy and the great thing is, you just throw all the ingredients in at the same time, whizz together and boom! Perfect afternoon tea cake.


You can find Little’s Coffee in Waitrose, Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Booths and directly from Little’s website with these jars costing £2.75…and I’ve just noticed there is a new flavour to the collection – Island Coconut. For more on Little’s, visit their superb website, the cutely named



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