Morgan Taylor: Royal Temptations collection

Summer is definitely on its way and Morgan Taylor’s Royal Temptations* collection is ready for it. Inspired by Marie Antoinette, there are six shades of opulent pastels in sea foam green, teal, purple, pink and coral with a multi glitter topper to dazzle each one.

Ruffle Those Feathers is a gorgeous glossy green pastel.

All My Heart Desires is my favourite – an eye-popping fuschia pink that’ll look cute on toes too.

Beauty Marks The Spot is a close second for me – a beautiful coral shade that compliments a tan perfectly.

My Other Wig Is A Tiara is a lovely teal green metallic but it needs three layers for opacity.

Curls and Pearls is a flattering nude – I never thought I’d like this one. There is a danger with shades like this one to look a bit ‘mannequin’ but thankfully it’s not the case with Curls and Pearls.

All The Queen’s Bling is an iridescent lilac, on the thin side however so three coats are needed.

Finally, there is Over-The-Top-Pop Multi Glitter Special Effect. To be honest, it’s the least memorable one of the collection and could have been left out…that’s what I think any way.

All in all, this is a very pretty collection and I have to say, Morgan Taylor is totally underrated. Each shade from Morgan Taylor’s Royal Temptations is £10.99, and is available from Sally stores and on


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