MAXimise Your Morning with Shreddies MAX™

MAXimise Your Morning with Shreddies MAX™

shreddies_maxI’ve never been an early-morning-bird-catches-the-worm  type as much as I’ve tried. I wish I was. I know getting up early has its benefits, I’m just not programmed that way and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people on that front.

According to new research by Shreddies MAX™, a new breakfast cereal from Nestle, 41% admit they don’t make the most of their mornings (check), 54% would like to do more with their mornings (check) with only 24% managing to have breakfast (check…at my desk although sometimes I skip it).

I would like to make the most of my mornings instead of frantically leaping out of bed and running out of the house bare-faced in favour for those extra precious moments of bedtime. The same goes for weekends. Yes, it feels good to have a lie-in but the guilt kicks in when you wake up after 12 and most of the day is gone. And you’ve missed breakfast. This is where Shreddies MAX™ comes into the equation.

Shreddies MAX™ is a new granola offering some breakfast inspiration and a solution to getting the day off to a roaring start. It combines the classic malty taste of Shreddies with crunchy oats for a great source of protein breakfast cereal made with wholegrain that’s high in fibre, low in saturated fat and made with no artificial colours or flavours.

There are two varieties in the mix, Oat Granola and Cranberry & Oat Granola in a 400g box for just £2.49. If you’ve tried making your own granola, it is a load of faff and is very expensive. You get a lot for your money with Shreddies MAX™ at £2.49 for a 400g box and it leaves you time to get on with the more important things. It also happens to taste pretty damn good – the Cranberry & Oat one is my favourite. I know with something in my belly I’m more productive and energised from the usual zombie-like state and it keeps the hunger pangs at bay till lunch time.

I cannot for the life of me go for a run or go to the gym first thing in the morning and believe me, I have tried. The closest I got was arranging my kit the night before, and come morning time, hitting the snooze button and rolling over but there are other things I have got stuck into after I’ve had a bowl of Shreddies MAX™ at home instead of my desk.

shreddies_max2The extra time I’ve banked has enabled me to do my make-up before work instead of turning up bare-faced. As a beauty blogger and a lover of make-up, I have a lot of make-up swag that I would like to use plus putting on make-up puts me in a good mood.

I’ve also been enjoying cuddles with my cat and the boy tugs at my heart strings when he trots into my room early in the morning and snuggles up. This moment is precious as I don’t see him till I come home after work or sometimes later. Amazing what a difference the littlest things can make to the rest of your day, huh?

How would you MAXimise your morning? Let me know in the comments box below. In the meantime if you fancy a bowl of Shreddies MAX™ it is now is available in all good supermarkets priced at £2.49.

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