Maskorea Sheet Masks

Just when you thought sheet masks couldn’t get more inventive, along comes Maskorea whacking things up a notch with its triple action sheet mask.

Maskorea offers a unique 3-step action for instant results that brighten and hydrate tired looking skin. There are three types to choose from: Instant Glow, Turn Back The Clock and Too Many Late Nights, each priced at £7.99 and are suitable for all skin types – even sensitive. Going by these names, I think all of them apply to my woes.

The first step is to apply the foaming cleanser in a sachet perforated with the mask before rinsing it off. The cleanser has a thick consistency, is gentle on the skin and the quantity is just right to cover the face and neck.

The second step is to slap on the dripping wet sheet mask. Unlike most sheet masks I’ve tried, this one has a rather weird sensation when it comes into contact with the face. It doesn’t tingle but you can feel it ‘working’. It’s straight out of the packet as well so no peeling apart from its packaging. The mask stays on for 30 minutes, allowing the hyaluronic acid-infused mask to sink in.

The third and final part is applying the night cream the mask comes with over the residue left by the mask. The cream acts as an extra barrier to lock the moisture in.

The next morning I woke up with an astonishing glow and plumped up looking skin. When you live in a polluted city, there is a greater dedication required to preserve your skin so I foresee using sheet masks a lot more frequently especially when the results are so instant. They are so convenient, travel-friendly, hygienic, resourceful and virtually mess-free and there’s no doubt in my mind that Maskorea is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Maskorea recommends using these masks twice a week for the first month due to the skin’s 4- week growth cycle and then once a week thereafter. It’s helpful that there is a subscription service at £12.99 a month, equivalent to each mask costing £3.25 each.

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