Hello, 2018!

Happy new year, folks! That’s the right thing to say on 1st January, isn’t it? Well this is a obligatory filler post preceding the publishing of some fresh new content. I have a couple of reviews lined up from tomorrow (Shock! Horror!) which should hopefully ease me back into a blogging routine.

I’ve been pondering on how I want to do things differently this year to stop myself from getting into a rut and falling out of love with blogging. I’ve figured I’d like to write about things I’ve bought because I do a lot of that. I’d like to feel more control of the content I craft and offer an objective opinion which is easier when I’ve paid for products. Besides I enjoy finding things that excite and inspire me. This is not to say I am ruling out samples I am fortunate to receive, I just don’t want Just Nice Things becoming a big advertising space, nor do I want to patronise my readers. I’m also frightened by how much make-up, skincare and fragrances I’ve accumulated (despite giving products away) and so this is also a self-imposing stop on myself to slow down and work with what I already have.

I also hope to do more with my YouTube channel with some travel planned in a few months, which is something I do enjoy documenting. Please subscribe to encourage me!

I am fortunate to have a job I enjoy and one that is fulfilling – blogging does not provide an income for me. I have probably said this before in previous posts, in which case I apologise but I really do feel like blogging has lost its sense of direction and is overcrowded and all so samey…so I’m going to do my own thing, the way things started 9 years ago when this blog was born. If you are fed up with how soulless some blogs have become, please stick with me and I will do my heartfelt best to stay on the straight and narrow.


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