Foundation Files: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The Ordinary isn’t just about skincare. It also does make-up – namely foundation. There are two types to choose from: Serum Foundation (which I’ve not yet tried) and pictured above, Coverage Foundation. Like their skincare, the foundation is set at a highly affordable price of £5.90-£6 (depending on where you are buying it from).

Housed in a lightweight, small plastic bottle with a pump (that twists to lock it), The Ordinary’s offering is 30ml of lightweight medium to full coverage product, which is a pretty standard amount and is available in 21 shades. It’s of a thick consistency like Urban Decay and Too Faced, and the bottle is very travel-friendly.

The Ordinary has helpfully divided its shades into nine key groups: Very Fair, Fair, Light, Light Medium, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, Deep and Very Deep. Each one contains a shade defined by its particular undertone which helps to work out what shade you are likely to be. I actually swatched my shade in one The Ordinary’s shops but looking at their foundation guide, it wouldn’t have been too hard to guess. I’m usually a MAC NC40 so my shade in The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation is 2.1.Y Medium (with yellow undertones) and I’m delighted with the match.

It’s a really comfortable foundation to wear, gives great coverage and holds up for more than 12 hours. I have normal (dehydrated) skin so it may not perform as well on oily skin or require powder to set. (I’m lazy and rarely set my foundation except for under the eyes.) If you’re on the look out for a decent foundation which won’t leave you out of pocket, then The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation stands tall amongst the big beasts.

You can buy this and everything else by The Ordinary from Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic.


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