Foundation Files: L.A Girl PRO Matte Foundation

Figuring out what shade I am in L.A Girl’s new PRO Matte Foundation was a challenge: no swatches online, no reviews, no help on matching it against my usual foundation choices on the matrix and the names do not correspond with their PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation range. That would have been the logical thing to do, no? Thank goodness my walking-talking-foundation-matching-queen, Shahleena piped up and reviewed this on her channel recently, which led me to swiftly ordering on Beauty Bay for the Light Tan shade. We are foundation twinnies, don’t you know? When it arrived, I slapped a bit on my face with bated breath…aaand it was a spot-on match. Yass, queen!

The foundation is housed in a tall frosted glass bottle, which is a drastic difference from the PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation so A) it feels and looks premium but B) it’s not travel-friendly/is at risk from smashing into smithereens if accidentally dropped. Aside to these points, it comes with a pump and the creamy, liquid formula applies and blends quickly to give a full coverage. I found one application was enough to give me this but those with troublesome skin may prefer to add another layer. The foundation leaves a soft and suede-like finish.

I’ve worn this every day for a week and found it’s held up considerably well from the moment I apply it in the morning to when I take it off in the late evening. It’s comfortable to wear and skin looks flawless.

For a tenner, L.A Girl’s PRO Matte Foundation packs a decent punch and costs a third of some of the high end full coverage foundations like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. It’s currently available in 16 shades although I hope more shades will be introduced but for a drug store brand, 16 ain’t bad. You can buy this from Beauty Bay.


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