Budget Concealers: L’Oréal True Match vs Colourpop No Filter

A concealer is one product I cannot do without and suffice to say, I usually depend on high-end ones to serve the purpose of dealing with my dreaded dark circles. My last purchase were two concealers actually – one being a colour corrector (Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer in Y33 and R40 by MUFE) and almost a year later, they are almost finished which had led me to question if it’s excessive to spend £20.50 (x2) on a concealer. Feeling the guilt, I turned my attention to looking at a high-street/affordable alternative and fell on two names – L’Oréal’s True Match Concealer and Colourpop’s No Filter Concealer.

L’Oréal has been pushing on a massive campaign of diversity with a bunch of bloggers and other recognisable faces so hopes were high on finding a match especially when so many said bloggers have bigged up this concealer. I went with Golden Beige (3.D/W), which turned out to be a good match.

However, the formula is very sheer and doesn’t layer well either. I’m not keen on reapplying frequently and feel duped by the (sponsored) glowing reviews when it doesn’t work to conceal. For what it costs (at £7.99), it’s overpriced – certainly not worth half its price tag nor reflective of its foundation plus the packaging is terribly cheap. I don’t like to ditch barely used make-up but this one is going straight in the bin. Not impressed, L’Oréal.

Thank goodness for Colourpop who unveiled their No Filter Concealer to a rapturous response last year. It’s amazing these cost only $6 (barely a fiver). The packaging is slick and high-quality, but more importantly the product is banging – creamy, crease-resistant and long-lasting. Honestly it’s such a joy to smear this under my eyes and see the transformation.

Colourpop do a great job of providing swatches on their website. I picked Medium Tan, which has golden undertones and it’s a shade that works for me but I’ve also bought shade Medium 30 which is a touch lighter and is probably a better choice for illuminating the under eye area. I’ve since stock-piled on this concealer and can’t wait for Colourpop to bring out foundations. (Click here to find out how to order US make-up affordably and get $5 off your first shipment).

L’Oreal’s True Match concealer is available from Superdrug as well as other stockists and Colourpop is available direct from their website (with international shipping).


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