Ahem! Is this thing on?

Ohhhkay, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? What was my excuse explanation last time? Oh yeah! A holiday, busy at work and Ramadan. My situation then swiftly progressed onto a significant change in my life – a new job. Wrapping things up at my last place of employment was one thing, moving straight into a new and completely different role (without a break) was on a different level altogether. So unsurprisingly, blogging just fell off the radar and before I knew it, about two months had passed. Did anybody notice? Hell, naw! Sometimes I do wonder if I am talking to myself on here…

Any way, a break is always good. Taking a step back has made me reassess the situation and look at the bigger picture. I am at a point in my life where blogging no longer rules my life and I don’t want it taking up so much of my spare time. I’d like to fit in more visits to the gym and meet my fitness goals, see my friends and spend time with my family. Recently I’ve started helping on a local community project in my neighbourhood. You know, giving something back with no expectations or returns other than feeling passionate about issues. That sounds like what blogging used to be once upon a time.

Blogging has become so formulaic and predictable…the content, the flat-lays, the airbrushing, the same old usual suspects declaring how “beaut” and “gorge” something is, the desperation, the begging for samples, the bruises from being elbowed out of the way*, buying followers and likes and when it comes to beauty, how much make-up can one person have and use? It’s also off-putting when my in-box is usually full of thrilling press releases on ‘toenail fungus’ and other utterly dirge. Does Zoella get such emails? I think not.

I had a huge clear-out a few months ago, taking bags of products to charity shops and I made a promise to myself to be realistic. I’m still buying make-up and skincare (the shame) as a consumer and without the stress of reviewing it unless I want to. I’m also making a conscious effort to use what I’ve accumulated and not buy something until I’ve used up what I already have. That rule does not apply to buying make-up from America though as American brands are so much more exciting (probably because a lot aren’t available in the UK or the few that are, are released over there months before.) By the way, if you’re interested in having US brands shipped over at a more economical way, read this.

Buuuut I do love writing and that’s why I can’t shut down completely which is why I will continue to post on these pages as and when I have the time. I will be selective as my time is precious. Did I really post every day? FFS, why?? There are still brands I strongly support and there are products I would very much like to write about. I’ve said this before so if you would like to stick around, thank you. I’m happy for others to keep on enjoying the ride, I’ve just done enough laps to make me want to get off. Besides, blogging does not pay my bills!

Right, enough of this track on repeat. Expect to see a few posts from me over the coming days/weeks/when I get a moment to take photos.

*True story, I was elbowed out of the way at an event a few months ago where I’d be queuing up for nearly an hour, tired and bedraggled after travelling into London from work, by two prim and proper 20-something skinny minnies dressed rather inappropriately for a launch (unless they were planning to go to a club after). Not one person backed me up so I turned on my heels and walked out.


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