Waldo Daily Contact Lenses

Waldo Contact Lenses is a new subscription service that delivers high quality daily contact lenses to your door. They’re so confident that they’re offering a month’s free trial (just pay the postage of £2.95), which I must say is a very generous offer. For £12 per box per month, Waldo will send lenses every 30 days (so that’s £24 for a month’s supply) or there is the option to order a one-off supply at £30 plus £2.95 delivery. There are no strings attached – the subscription can be cancelled or temporarily halted at any time as you’re not tied down to a contract.

Founder Ashleigh Hinde is behind the Waldo concept and she is a brave soul to take on the mighty big beasts that rule the contact lens market and to be honest, it needs to be shook up by someone innovative.

Fascinated by Waldo’s pitch, I placed an order for a free trial. As a regular user, affordability, comfort and quality are high on my list of priorities, which is why I have stayed loyal to the same brand for over 20 years.

As a regular user, I am very conscious of how much it costs to buy contact lenses and favour dailies for hygiene and travel. I always purchase them online as it’s cheaper than buying from a shop and will spend between £28 to £38 on branded daily disposables per month (I buy from Asda Optician which is the cheapest supplier I’ve found). I have only worn Johnson & Johnson, a name recommended to me by every optician I’ve been to so it’s a big step for me to deviate from a trusted and reliable brand that’s protected my eyes for over 20 years.

Straight up, Waldo’s website is fun, friendly and easy to use. Enter your prescription or upload a copy if you’re not sure what strength your eyes are, add your card and personal details and hit ‘send’. There is no prerequisite to provide your optician’s contact details to verify your prescription is up to date but don’t be a douche and not have your annual contact lens check-up.

The blue theme gives it a slick, contemporary look. Contact lenses aren’t exactly sexy and exciting but Waldo’s refreshing design perks things up. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into making it comfortable on the eye, simple to navigate – it gets straight to the point. The supplier I usually use has a very convoluted web design and overall looks dull and clinical.

I placed my order around 9pm one evening, received a notification my lenses had been dispatched the next working day and they arrived the day after, delivered by Parcelforce.

My immediate impression is the packaging – it’s high quality, compact and chic; the simplicity of using cobalt blue and white in the colour scheme makes it look really stylish and it’s eye-catching too – such important factors for an eyecare product.

The lenses are clear, have UVA and UVB protection and are fully certified and medically endorsed lenses designed for comfort. When it comes to wearing them, I find them very comfortable, breathable and moisturising, serving me well for around 15 hours wear with no dryness and I use a laptop every day. Even on days when I am well and truly knackered, the lenses have felt absolutely fine. By the way Waldo will be introducing lenses for users with astigmatism so if this affects you, I suggest keeping an eye (arf!) on their website and social media.

When it comes to costs, the 1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses set me back £28 for 30 days while the 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer is £38 (both purchased online – optician prices on the high street may be considerably more), so price wise Waldo beats them both. The quality, feel and comfort of these lenses are superb, in fact Waldo has earned my trust on ticking a lot of boxes: easy to order, fast delivery and value for money for a high-quality product and service. I think this may be the start of a beautiful relationship…

To find out more about Waldo contact lenses or to sign up for a free trial, visit www.hiwaldo.com.


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