Top 10 Exciting U.S Make-Up Brands You Need To Try

America does some things very, very well. Reality TV shows, serial dramas, cheesecake and make-up. I don’t know why but make-up stateside is usually more superior to what we have here and they cater in abundance for women of colour. That said, some names have crossed the Atlantic ocean to our shores yet choices are usually limited and prices are high. If you have a US forwarding address set up (I have one with My Mallbox – read my post here), then the reality of getting your hands on US beauty brands is within easy reach so where do you start? Well here’s my list of the most exciting US make-up brands you need:

  1. Colourpop
    My favourite! With lip products between $5-6 each and single eyeshadows $5, this brand is fast expanding and made in the US. The only thing is Colourpop sells strictly through their website. It’s free delivery for orders over $30 within the US and sometimes there is free international delivery.
  1. Morphe Cosmetics
    Releases with Morphe appear in the US first (understandably), some of which eventually makes it over here. The US and UK prices may appear identical till you realise one is in dollars.
  1. Dose of Colors
    I’ve yet to try Dose of Colors’ liquid lipsticks but I’ve been assured they are excellent so they’re next on my shopping list as is their Gold Is The New Black highlighter.
  1. Coloured Raine
    Another one on my list to try, sadly their Queen of Hearts palette sold out in record time.
  1. Juvia’s Place
    Utterly rich, vibrant and pigmented colours from the brand that takes its inspiration from the Caribbean Islands.
  1. Ofra Cosmetics
    Their liquid lipsticks are superb and I nabbed a few during last year’s Black Friday sales.
  1. Makeup Geek
    The selection available in the UK is so poor. Makeup Geek US has lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, brushes, their plethora of eyeshadows and highlighters.
  2. Violet Voss
    I know Violet Voss is available in the UK but I’m not prepared to pay £72 for a palette(‘Ride or Die’) when it costs less than £60 in the US.
  1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics
    No introduction needed and the first place Jeffree launches his products but they always sell out quickly. I wonder if they are deliberately in short supply.
  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills
    I know we can get some ABH stuff here but it always follows later and getting excited over the UK site is pointless when they ship from the US any way! That’s why the prices are dearer. I order straight from the US and straight to My Mallbox. The Sun Dipped Glow Kit palette was out of stock from Cult Beauty FOR MONTHS and I still haven’t seen any sign of the Sweets and Aurora Glow Kit palettes. US all the way!

Discovering American beauty brands has kept me from getting bored of beauty blogging and I owe it to Miss Beauty Adkit and Shahleena for bringing a lot of names to my attention through their YouTube channels and more importantly, actually trying the make-up on their faces. These two are the reason I have a My Mallbox account and as it is based in Delaware, there are no sales taxes added on the make-up you buy. If you’re thinking about jumping on the bandwagon, use my link to get $5 off your first delivery.

Do you know of any other US brands I should check out? Leave me your comments below.


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