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It’s National Eye Health Week this week and while I don’t usually pay much attention to national themed days and weeks, caring for your eyes is something I feel strongly about.

I have probably paid the equivalent of a deposit on a flat on glasses and contact lenses over the years, but having regular eye tests and contact lens check-ups on my peepers means I have peace of mind that my eyes are well looked after. Eye tests aren’t just reading letters off a illuminated chart and about getting specs, they can pick up underlying eye and health issues early like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol so it is important to book that appointment with an optician even if you’re lucky to have perfect vision. I might be showing my age here but I remember eye tests didn’t used to be so advanced!

To mark this special week, I was challenged by Boots to take part in their campaign for healthy eyes by capturing a day in my usually pretty average life through my eyes. I don’t usually blog about things outside of the beauty world so this was a welcome change to think outside of the box and of course, to not take my sight for granted.

Armed with my camera and the wife, Leanne Do Not Refreeze in tow, we set off on a mini adventure to the county of Essex at the weekend. It involved being given keys to a new car for the best test drive I’ve ever had, chips and doughnuts on the beach, a walk along the longest pier in the world and catching up with loved ones.


Our wheels for the weekend!


The longest pier ever at Southend-on-Sea: 1.34 miles each way!

Southend-on-Sea's amusement park

Southend-on-Sea’s amusement park

IMG_9830 IMG_9801


So much for healthy eating…


A Jack Russell or a meerkat?


In Burnham, Leanne’s hometown


A beautiful hideaway in the garden of Leanne’s parents – I wish I had one just like this

You don’t realise how precious your eyes are till you look back and recall everything you saw and going over these pictures just reaffirms how precious eyes are and looking after them is essential. Hope you enjoyed looking at them!

You can book an eye test at Boots opticians who will carry out a thorough MOT on your vision. In between it’s worth remembering this guide from Boots in making sure your eyes stay healthy:

Long days in front of a computer screen, not managing to eat a balanced diet or forgetting to take your make-up off at night can all contribute to uncomfortable, irritated eyes.

We protect our skin with sun lotion and it’s just as important to protect our eyes from the sun’s glare too.

Having your eyes checked at least every 2 years will not only help check how well you can see but also detect any eye or underlying health issues early on – making them easier to manage.

That reminds me, I’m long overdue for my contact lens check-up…

National Eye Health Week runs from 16th to 22nd September 2013.



  1. 19th September 2013 / 9:52 AM


    That was an amazing day. That photo of Ruby is perfect!


  2. Sheenie
    19th September 2013 / 11:17 PM

    I sometimes have to pinch myself as some of it was so surreal! You’re welcome, petal – brilliant day. xxx

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