The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil


A few weeks ago, I was invited to a special preview of the Body Shop’s exciting new skincare product – their Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil. It WAS special for the queen of skincare, Caroline Hirons was ready and waiting to scrutinise my every pore. I’ve known Caroline for a few years thanks to blogging but if I’m honest, I was terrified to the core for this examination because I’ve never met Caroline in a professional capacity and there was no running away when the door was slammed shut.

…aaaaaaaand it was alright. Thank God. My cheeks are dehydrated (which I knew) but the rest of my face is fine bar the odd blemish and spot. However, I must invest in a quality exfoliating toner (in fact I should not skip using a toner) and bin a face wash that foams up (and I know these are a no-no in the Book of Hirons but like a sugar addiction, I thought I could get away with it).

Here’s a picture of Caroline in action, prodding my wife Leanne’s face (she of Do Not Refreeze just in case you need reminding):


As I was due to board a plane for a long haul flight two days later, Caroline advised me to spritz the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist on my face every hour to keep my skin hydrated (which helped massively, might have got a few odd looks from the passengers seated next to me though). It’s a 100ml bottle so within the allowance for taking liquids on board and it smells gorgeous thanks to the rose water scent.

But let’s get back to the new serum from the vitamin E family. The Body Shop’s vitamin E collection was something I embraced during my A Levels, notably the moisturiser. For a student, it was affordable and I loved the results. I passed on my recommendations to my mum and my best friend at school, who for someone cautious of beauty products messing with her skin, got on superbly with vitamin E – and still does.

I am genuinely excited about this serum, which completes this family. Why? It combines a serum with an oil to lock in moisture to give your skin the equivalent of the 8 hour sleep it craves and it works.

It’s also accessible for all. I can’t skip using a serum in my skincare routine – it’s improved the condition of my skin hugely and if I forget to use it for one day, the absence feels and looks obvious. A serum provides an extra layer of protection and preserves my skin’s elasticity, keeping it supple and soft. However, my favourite serums are somewhat pricey (around £40-60 mark but could be more and I know there are more expensive ones). While I will argue a drop every day goes a very long way, paying a large sum up front is a big commitment which I suspect some would be reluctant to buy.

Praise be to The Body Shop for their efforts in creating this potion. It’s a clear, non-greasy serum that absorbs into the skin leaving you with baby soft skin the following morning. I started to see results within a few days and have been using it with the vitamin E night moisturiser to maximise its benefits.

A bottle of this will set you back just £12 – £12!!! How could you say no to this? And at the moment, there is a voucher code flying around online for 40% off all orders but it expires on 17th February so buy now. NOW!

Also, you may want to peruse this helpful skin care guide from Caroline on The Body Shop’s beauty blog.

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