The Body Shop: White Musk Smoky Rose EDT


The Body Shop’s infamous cruelty-free White Musk is a scent that takes me back to my days at school when I first discovered the Body Shop. Thanks to the late great Anita Roddick, her seal of approval led this to become a best seller which is still going strong.

More profoundly White Musk was one of the first man-made, cruelty-free musk fragrances to arrive on the market in replacement of real musk, which is extracted from the civet deer via cruel and painful methods. Dad often likes to test my general knowledge by asking me if I know where real musk comes from. He also likes to tell me the real stuff is so potent it would make your nose bleed. I’m not sure if he’s pulling my leg but I am sure the genuine stuff is hardcore but I am relieved there is a much kinder way to replicate it thanks to the Body Shop.

Some of you are probably huge fans of White Musk Libertine. Well whether you like or or the other, or both, you will be thrilled to know there is a new addition to the Body Shop Musk family with the autumnal and alluring White Musk Smoky Rose. It’s love at first sight with the design of the bottle, the imagery and colours plus anything laced with roses is always going to pique my senses.

The soft fragrance has notes of bergamot, pink pepper, blackcurrant entwined with bitter-sweet tobacco flower, black smoky rose and orange flower for a velvety scent that oozes elegance, sophistication and and femininity.

It is probably the one I feel more attracted to out of the three and while it may be geared towards being a fragrance to wear in the evenings in the cold, dark winter days, I actually like to wear it in the day. It’s not a particularly long-lasting scent but this isn’t something that bothers me as it suits the occasions I want to wear it for.

White Musk Smoky Rose is ‘sexy’ in a bottle…and the eau de toilette is only £11 for 60ml. I haven’t forgotten Anita’s refreshing and groundbreaking approach to beauty, and this scent is a beautiful way of keeping her memory alive.

There is also a bath and shower gel (£6.50), body lotion (£10), eau de parfum (£14) and fragrance mist (£7.50) so you can layer up the scent. To quote Brian Fantana I think it’s “time to musk up”.

For this week only there is 35% off at with free delivery. Use the online code ‘SMOKY’.

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  1. 10th October 2013 / 9:35 AM


    I love you!

  2. 10th October 2013 / 11:20 AM

    I have this and love it, it’s a gorgeous new edition to the range!

  3. Sheenie
    10th October 2013 / 8:41 PM

    60% of the time it works EVERY time. 😉

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