Testing…blue eye pencils

I’ve mentioned here before that I’m a little obsessed with navy shades at the moment. What’s wrong with me? Have I suddenly been transported back to the 1980s? Who knows.

I decided to raid my stash for some blue pencils, just to see what might create a nice diversion from my staple black kohl pencil. Get me, branching out and all…

So here we have the extent of my collection. All budget brands. At the  top is a Boots No7 Mini Metallic, then a 2true liner,* a Prestige liner* and the last one is from a brand called Careline. The latter was a gift from a Tuli, a nail blogger who lives in Israel so don’t get too excited about that one as you can’t get it here I’m afraid.

Here they are swatched, with no flash.

The Boots liner is very, very soft. It doesn’t work on the waterline at all, as I found it just melted and left blobby imprints on my eyeball. It’s fine on the upper lid though and smudges out nicely. I bought this last Christmas as part of a set of five pencils and it was about £14 for the set, from what I recall.

The 2True “Twist & Line” is the least pigmented, as you can see here. I love the packaging though, and it certainly belies how cheap the pencil is, as it feels more quality than you might expect. Again, I had trouble getting this to show on the waterline, although the hardness of the pencil was better than that of the Boots one. This retails at £1.99, although don’t forget 2True usually run an offer of three products for £5.00.

For me, the absolute star of the show is the Prestige  Total Intensity pencil. Prestige is a budget brand focussing mainly on mineral products. I have one of their baked blushers and have been using it for years – love it. This pencil was perfect in every way. Pigmented, glided on beautifully, sat nicely on the waterline, stayed put. I like the fact that it is a blackened blue showing hints of shimmer. This costs £5.49, and I tell you what – I am definitely going to buy the rest of the range as they are really quite something. Read the reviews on MUA if you don’t believe me!

The Careline pencil is gorgeous as well (Im sorry to tell you). This is just as good as any of the Nars Larger Than Life efforts, and also has a little smudger on the end should you wish to create a smokey eye. Thanks Tuli  – I love it!

with flash

So what do you think? Would you be prepared to take the blue plunge with any of these pencils? Do you have any other recommendations for me?


* PR samples



  1. 21st September 2011 / 1:42 AM

    I have to get some Prestige liners. I like all colors to use for my liner. I like navy blue liner makes the whites of the eys look really whiter.

  2. Bryony
    21st September 2011 / 3:52 PM

    Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners are amazing if you’re looking for suggestions.

    They’re a bit more pricey, ~£13ish I think from house of Fraser (Boots don’t stock urban decay anymore 🙁 ), but they’re really long lasting, massively pigmented, can be smudged out, and go really well on the waterline with loads of pigment, plus they’re nice and soft so easy to apply!

    Plus they come in loads of amazing colours. I got a set of 9 minis at Christmas, and love all of them!!! Rockstar (a gold purple) and flipside (turquoise green) are my favourites, but the blues are amazing too!!!

    Bry x

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