Temple Spa: Purification Deep Cleansing Mask

Temple Spa: Purification Deep Cleansing Mask

I’m slowly working my way around Temple Spa’s epic range of products and one that has been recommended to me by some of my followers is the Purification Deep Cleansing Mask.

Mud masks are the ultimate cleansing ritual, drawing out impurities to leave the skin squeaky clean. Temple Spa’s Purification Deep Cleansing Mask has been described as a ‘vacuum cleaner for the skin’ and that sounds bloody marvellous when your skin is screaming for a decongestion session.

It’s paraben-free and made from land and marine mud and natural extracts known for their dislike of blocked pores, blackheads and other irritating effects caused by oily skin so if that’s you, then you will love this.

The mask is dark and murky looking with the consistency of jelly – yes, it wobbles slightly. As it all Temple Spa potted products, it comes with a spatula for hygiene.

Application is wonderfully smooth with surprisingly no tingling so there are no ingredients that could potentially trigger a reaction. The mask doesn’t crack as it dries and it’s recommended to wipe it off with a damp flannel.

I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in this getting rid of blackheads but I can certainly vouch for the fact my skin feels refreshed, hydrated and looks like I’ve had a good facial. My skin type is normal/dehydrated but I suspect this the difference may be more obvious if you have oily skin.

An 85g pot and is available directly from Temple Spa for £27 and Victoria Health for £25.


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