Temple Spa: In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt

Temple Spa: In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt


We’ve established that I am very fond of cleansing balms. No other type of cleanser gets beneath the skin quite like an oil-infused balm and leaves my skin feeling so fresh and so clean. I’m almost on the last remnants of my Eve Lom Cleanser and therefore on the look-out for a new one to try. Because I’m like that. I have to mix things up or I get bored.

By some strange coincidence my radar picked up on Caroline Hirons’ recent recommendation of a cleansing balm I weren’t aware of –Temple Spa’s In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt. Well I was sucked in on the ‘deep’ part straight away.

What’s more, it was on special offer with 2 for the price of 1 on Temple Spa’s website (normally £28 each). However, a pang of fear did wash over me. What if this turned out like Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm (which I sadly had a mild reaction to)? I’d regret having two pots but equally if I was missing out on something great, I’d kick myself for not trusting my gut instinct more.

I have actually used a few Temple Spa products in the form of sheet masks and moisturisers, which I enjoyed so confidence was high on this cleanser delivering. I placed an order on Thursday night and it was promptly on my doorstep the following Monday.

What’s different with this one is that it contains micro beads which exfoliate the skin and melt away as you massage the product into the skin, releasing moisturising ingredients. So while you’re working the balm to dislodge make-up and grime as well as get rid of dry ski patches, you’re giving yourself a polish at the same time. Then you remove the balm with a warm, damp flannel. No adding water to emulsify! That’s different.

When I was done, I was amazed at how soft and supple my skin felt. My complexion looked polished and hydrated too. Although it’s marketed for dry skin, it’s been brilliant for dealing with my dehydrated visage and it’s not just for the ladies either – the boys are welcome to try this as well.

In The Morning is gentle enough to use morning and evening as a daily cleanser, or a weekly facial treatment by leaving it on for half an hour. Using the balm is very soothing, therapeutic even as the aroma latches onto the senses and helps to unwind. I don’t think it’s as pungent or powerful as other balms, in fact I quite like the smell but if you’re sensitive to herbal type scents, you may not be keen on this. Worth bearing in mind is how highly concentrated it is with a rich vitamin complex and essential oils. Key ingredients are Calendula, Clary sage, Lavender, Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Basil but thankfully is paraben-free.

It’s significantly a smaller pot (60g) compared to most of the other well-known cleansing balms but it packs a punch. It also comes with a spatula so no poking grubby fingers in the pot.

I am so pleased with this cleansing balm. I think it’s shamelessly pushed itself to the top spot in my favourite cleansing balms and I highly doubt it’s going to be threatened by another.

You can order In The Beginning Deep Cleansing Melt directly from Temple Spa plus delivery of £3.95 with Royal Mail tracking or Victoria Health. Unfortunately the 2-for-1 offer has expired…hope it’s brought back!

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  1. 18th January 2016 / 8:44 AM

    Oooh, this looks good! I’m really drawn to the micro bead part of this, it sounds like the perfect solution for me. I am a little bit sad that it isn’t that large a pot, but I might just have to give it a go. Will keep a lookout for the 2 4 1 offer

    Tanzina | Makeup A to Z | http://makeupatoz.com/

  2. 18th January 2016 / 8:51 PM

    Hi Tanzina, you’ll like this. It’s a shame the offer is over but I do hope they bring it back. I think you have to look at the size from the perspective that sometimes quality matters over quantity. Besides, I hate it when a product goes off after a certain period of time and as this contains oils and herbal ingredients, a large pot would pose such a threat. I had a cleansing balm that hadn’t been used for months and it crystalised! Let me know what you think if you decide to the plunge and if I hear of an offer, I’ll let you know. xx

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