Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

tata_harper_purifying_cleanser1I’ve seen the name Tata Harper bantered between beauty bloggers and if anything, made me think the name and face behind it is someone from Fulham, Kensington or Chelsea. I know I’m stereotyping but come on, you were thinking the same thing too, weren’t you?

Any way, Tata Harper hails from the States, made at a 1200 acre farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont no less and is the world’s most bioactive, 100% super natural and lightweight creamy clay cleanser. Not a trace of synthetic ingredient goes into their products. In fact Tata Harper has a strong allegience to practising sustainable agriculture so its farm can contribute for future generations.

Their Purifying Cleanser caught my eye. And the bright green bottle too. I know it’s got a firm place in Caroline Hirons’ bathroom cabinet and reading all the positive reviews online pushed me to invest in a bottle.

By no means is it cheap, I mean this heavy glass bottle will set you back by £49. It is a 125ml size bottle so a considerable size for a cleanser and when you consider its pure botanical blend (plus its export status), the price tag makes sense.


tata_harper_purifying_cleanser3The colour of the creamy cleanser reminds me of something my Nutribullet has spat back (in a good way of course!), which is just as well as this has a zesty scent. Actually, to me it smells of ginger, which I like very much but there’s none of that in this. It does, however, contain broccoli, listed as one of the ingredients in thoroughly cleaning the skin. There you go, eat your broccoli – it’s so good for you.

It’s difficult to fathom how the consistency of this cleanser can be so thorough in dislodging and removing excess oil, dead skin and all the other nasties brought on from the daily exposure of the weather and pollution. I’m under the impression that’s the job of a facial exfoliator or scrub.

tata_harper_purifying_cleanserSince I got my hands on this, I’ve been using Tata Harper’s Purifying Cleanser for a morning and evening cleanse on an almost daily basis, and find it’s nourishing and hydrating, leaving my skin looking brightened and feeling soft. It really is a detoxifying cleanser because your skin looks and feels so awakened. According to its claims, it also reduces the appearance of pores and I am inclined to back that statement as mine have seemingly looked less obvious.

Before trying this, I scoffed at the price but having succumbed to it (with impressive results in such a short space of time), things just don’t feel like right until I’ve used the Purifying Cleanser. Then everything is right with the world. Well, definitely my skin.

Tata Harper’s Purifying Cleanser is available from Cult Beauty priced at £49.


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