Superstar by Accessorize

On one of my numerous visits to Superdrug, I found myself hovering around the Accessorize stand, all in the hope they’d have brought out more new products or at least a limited edition collection of some kind.  Clearly not.  Come on, Accessorize!  Sort it out.  Your products have been embraced with such sincerity and love, and we, your dedicated fans, want more.  Every other brand is constantly churning out more things, why aren’t you too? Right, I’ll get off my soap box now.  Onto Superstar…

This bejewelled colour from Accessorize’s Rock Star collection is one of the finest offerings from Accessorize – a deeply rich turquoise that shimmers beautifully.  Some say it’s teal but above, it’s definitely turquoise.  In sunlight at least.  Any how, it’s a stunning colour that left my eyes as big as saucers.  I think the photo above does not do its true colour any justice.

A couple of coats plus a top coat is what you see above and wear is perfectly adequate for its price and superb quality.

Accessorize’s nail polishes cost £4 for 10ml – the perfect amount for a great price – and available in Superdrug stores and on Superdrug online (currently on sale for £2!).  Snap this baby up before it’s gone forever!




  1. 30th May 2011 / 6:12 PM

    I love love love Accessorize nail polishes! I’ve never been sure of blue polish though, I’m so pale that I kind of look like I’m dead lol.

    I definitely have my eye on their baked bronzers and blushers as well. Have you tried any?

    Jenni xxx

  2. 30th May 2011 / 9:13 PM

    I saw this in Superdrug and passed it by, it looks lovely on you though! Thanks for letting us know about the online sale, 2 pounds is a bargin!

  3. Sheenie
    31st May 2011 / 2:26 PM

    Aine, £2 is a fabulous bargain!

    Jenni, I bought one of their bronzers, which doubles up nicely for blush and contouring. The blushers strike me as too light for me so I would hope they bring out some more. The eyeshadows are amazing – bought a few more heavily pigmented ones.

  4. 1st June 2011 / 5:18 AM

    Pretty shade on you.

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