Restaurant review: Fat Burger

Restaurant review: Fat Burger


Ooh, it feels a bit strange writing a foodie review on Just Nice Things but as I announced last week, this move has happened after much deliberation and I reckon it will fit in nicely. To kick off my first eatery post, I managed to make my way to a joint last week that I had been longing to visit for ages – Fat Burger.

Fat Burger is a chain originating from Los Angeles which opened its first and only UK branch in Camden last year. It’s been on my list of places to try for a long while and I cannot understand why I’ve not made it to it sooner when I live in north west London too.

A five minute walk from Camden tube station, amusingly Fat Burger is next to Byron Burgers. There are no formalities or a booking process, just march up to the counter and order like you would at most fast food joints although one girl was kind enough to bring the menus to where we were sitting.  The décor is classic burger fast-food style so don’t go in expecting a hipster gourmet surroundings.

fat_burger_camden2The menu is simple with beef, chicken, turkey and vegetarian options. All the meat is halal so if you’re a Daily Mail reader, trot on.

The burgers are available from one up to a staggering 4 patties either on their own or as part of a meal deal with refillable drinks.  I wasn’t super hungry but also mindful of portion control so wisely decided against the wings, which I’m told are worth trying.

I went for a double burger which comes with the standard fillings (lettuce, pickles, tomato). Just something to bear in mind: the patties are well done. There was no choice of rare, medium-rare or medium but those preferences would be pointless when the patties aren’t fat (as the name would suggest). Perhaps ‘thick’ is a better word. They are tasty though. The staff, who are very friendly and helpful, bring your order to your table so it’s like Nando’s.

fat_burger_camden3The burgers can be customised with extras like cheese, turkey bacon and a fried egg (!) amongst other things but cost £1 extra each, which is ludicrous. A nominal charge of 25p or 50p would be easier to stomach but £1 is a complete turn-off.

I also ordered a portion of ‘chili cheese fries’ described as skinny but actually French fries. Unfortunately they didn’t taste as good as McDonald’s, more like to chicken shop standard. I won’t bother with them next time although my friend’s sweet potato fries did look appetising.

fat_burger_camden4The total price for my meal came to £14.50, so somewhat pricey for a casual looking place especially when GBK costs less.

I’m aware Fat Burger gets very busy at peak times. Fortunately we arrived around 5:30pm on a week day straight after work and surprisingly it was very quiet (much to our relief).

I will go again if I’m in the area as I loved the burger and would also like to sample the wings and milkshakes but the chips were nothing to write home about.


Fat Burger
10 Jamestown Road

Opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 11:30pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11am – 12am
Sunday: 12pm to 11:30pm

Nearest station(s):

Camden (northern line – Bank and Charing Cross branch)


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