Real Techniques: MultiTech Collection

Real Techniques has come leaps and bounds since the first set of Sam and Nic Chapman’s iconic brushes clinched the deal as the must-have beauty tools in 2011.  The popularity of the brushes has caused ripples around the world, paving the way for further additions like the Bold Metals’ Collection. In fact Real Techniques has expanded so vastly, going from strength to strength that it begs the question, where do they go from here?

Well buckle up as 2017 heralds the arrival of the MultiTech Collection*, an arsenal of versatile tools that bend the rules of make-up application. It wasn’t until I took these brushes out of their packaging that I realised how special these are. They are beautiful, utterly beautiful. The monochrome look and the sleek, lightweight handles give these a truly professional feel but also they are ergonomically easy to use. The brushes are densely packed, making it easier to pick up product and they are wonderfully soft to touch. In fact I’d go so far as to say these are even better than the other Real Techniques brushes.

The MultiTech collection comprises of eight pieces – seven brushes and one sponge – designed for use across all facial features from applying to blending.

For convenience the Small Points Set* (£30) brings together four key brushes in a stand, ranging in size and name from Point S to Point XXXL, ensuring all bases are covered.

  • Point S Brush can be used for all-over shadow, concealer, contour lines and highlighter;
  • Point XS Brush is ideal for colour correcting, concealer and crease shadow;
  • Point XXS Brush is great for detailed highlighting, detailed shadow and lip blending;
  • Point XXXS Brush will work wonders for brow filling, smokey liner, smudged liner and lip detailing.

The larger brushes are:

  • Point L Brush* (£16) for applying and blending on the face;
  • Point XL Brush (£18 – not shown) for full face application and blending;
  • Point XXXL Brush (£18) for use on the neck and body application and blending.

Lastly the 360 Point Makeup Sponge (£10 – not shown), which can be used damp or dry, has a pointed tip for precise application and a rounded base for blending all over.

Basically you can achieve a lot with just these eight items. It takes away the confusion of using too many brushes when a handful can do the job, in fact it forces you to evaluate and be a little more creative. My favourite brush is the Point L Brush as it works so well for blusher, blending in contouring and sweeping highlighter thanks to the tapered angle of the soft brush. I’m also looking forward to taking the MultiTech Collection on my next holiday as they are so travel-friendly.

As with everything Real Techniques have developed, the prices remain affordable with no compromising on quality. Sam and Nic, I think these are your finest efforts to date. Pick up the MultiTech Collection from Superdrug online and in store.


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