Optrex Warming Eye Mask

Optrex Warming Eye Mask

optrex_warming_eye_maskLike many chained to their desks, I spend hours in front of a computer screen. In principle we are advised to take regular breaks but in practice, it is a difficult rule to apply. Cue tired eyes, stress and general all-round grumpiness. Long commutes whether it’s behind the wheel or on public transport also contribute to the strain of the daily grind on the mind and body but eye care specialists Optrex has come up with a rapid solution with its Warming Eye Mask – the first of its kind in fact.

It’s a dry mask that heats up in seconds, designed to relieve and relax tired eyes in 10 minutes. I gave it a go on a Friday night so I had five exhausting days for this eye mask to deal with.

It’s a strange looking thing when you take it out of its packet (the material reminds me of one of those cleaning cloths). It comes with straps to hook over the ears and is air activated so once it’s opened, it starts to warm up – fancy! With special Microsteam Technology, the mask delivers a gentle steam to moisten and soothe tired eyes. Don’t expect to see any precipitation!  The steam generated is based on humidity measurement.

The mask I used is fragrance-free but Boots is selling a lavender scented one exclusively (which I would love to try as that is so good at helping you relax and get to sleep).

As it’s a completely dry mask, there’s no risk of anything disagreeing with you particularly if you have sensitive skin. It’s also not messy. As with anything warm touching the skin (steady!), the feeling is instantly soothing. It’s just a shame it’s disposable after a single use so depending on it on a regular basis strikes me as unnecessary waste.

Using this eye mask means you have to give up 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing, which is seemingly difficult to do with the frantic lifestyle we all lead. It’s recommended to use this before bedtime but can also be used while travelling (so great for flights) or any time you are in need of some R&R.

The masks come in packs of 2 for £3.99 and 8 for £9.99, available at pharmacies nationwide, with the soothing lavender one exclusive at Boots. Visit www.optrex.co.uk for more information.


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