OFRA Cosmetics: Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks

OFRA Cosmetics may be a familiar name if you’ve spotted their recent collaboration with YouTuber Nikki Tutorials but for me the brand came to my attention from Selina (Miss Beauty Adikt).

I’ve actually been sitting on these liquid lipsticks since last Christmas when I grabbed them at a bargain thanks to the Black Friday sale (Yep, I had them shipping over from My Mallbox).  The middle one looks a tad odd as its label has rubbed off from knocking about in my make-up bag – sorry.

Now you know me in my quest to find the ultimate liquid lipstick that doesn’t peel and feel like plastic sitting on the lips. I’ve found a few good ones but equally there are some terrible examples by reputable brands and of course, they aren’t cheap. Too Faced, I’m looking at you – great colours but urgh, awful results.

Fortunately OFRA’s liquid lipsticks are a thing of beauty – rich in colour, do not feather, do not fade, glide on with a doe-foot applicator and sit comfortably on the lips without sucking out the moisture and peeling as a consequence. Lips should still be exfoliated and prepped with a lip balm so the liquid lipstick looks flawless.

The shades I chose are:

  • Manhattan – rose nude
  • Brooklyn – espresso
  • Cape Town – magenta
  • Atlantic City – bright red
  • Havana Nights (in collaboration with Kathleen Lights) – deep burgundy

Swatches below were taken under artificial light and in daylight – one swab each and fully dry:

OFRA Lasting Liquid Lipstick swatches under artificial light

All five colours are very flattering on warm skin tones and very bold, which I love. I haven’t worn dark brown in years so it’s a little out of my comfort zone to try something I have avoided for a long time. Brooklyn is the only shade I would not wear during the day bizarrely but I have happily worn the rest to work.

OFRA Cosmetics’ Liquid Lipsticks are available from Beauty Bay priced at a very reasonable £11 each.


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