NYC Canal Street

Now this is something of a surprise. Polish snobs may recoil in horror at this one, but this is a gorgeous piece of loveliness.

I had one NYC polish that was from about a million years ago (of which I do have a review scheduled) but I haven’t really paid them much heed until recently. Maybe because I’ve been obsessed with hauling Nubar, OPI and China Glaze from that there internet. Also, I rarely go in Superdrug as I prefer to get my Boots Advantage points!

But there I was, and the NYC stand caught my eye. It didn’t hurt that they were doing a 3-for-2 offer either, so I decided to give this a chance, along with a couple of others. I’m glad I did, as this is a stunner of a nail polish.

As I always need to do with the Nails Inc London polishes, I had to google New York’s Canal Street. Apparently it is a place in Chinatown where all the vendors of fake bags and so on hang out. As my boss would say, “every day’s a school day”. Niiice.

Application of this was absolutely perfect. For a cheap brand, this is fantastic. The brush is just the right length and width for me, and two coats was ample.

I love the colour.  It is a beautiful dark brown jelly with golden sparkles. It reminds me of a slightly lighter (and cheaper) version of OPIs Expresso Your Style (which I still have to review).

OK so this won’t stay on your nails for longer than a few days. I had tipwear by the end of day three. You can see the tipwear here as I didn’t take the photos on Day One I am afraid.

Normally I am ok about that as I am eager to change my polish for the next one, but I was actually sad to take this off.

I wore this at Christmas and I remember thinking (through a mulled wine fog) just how lovely it is. NYC retails at £2.49 per bottle from Superdrug.




  1. 12th March 2010 / 2:43 PM

    Really pretty and unique color!

  2. 12th March 2010 / 5:33 PM

    Nail snobs? I think real nail enthusiasts love to experiment and judge a polish on its merits and not its marketing.
    I have some amazing NYC polishes: Starry Night to layer over pretty much anything, 249B known as Cognac Sparkles and a magnificent red (can’t remember the number). Got them from an etailer for 59p!
    Don’t know about longevity as I always basecoat, topcoat and use drying drops. The only recent bad experience has been with OPI Mad as a Hatter which cracked and flaked off on day 3.
    Be broad-minded, peeps.

  3. 12th March 2010 / 5:48 PM

    Wow, Helen, this really is a gorgeous color! It’s sort of a red wine-brown-sparkly color. Just beautiful. I am going to have to hunt for this one in my local CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens or SOMEWHERE! Thanks for the review!

  4. 13th March 2010 / 1:13 PM

    I had (or still have, don’t know if I sold it LOL!)and I found it to be very similar to OPI Royal Rajah Ruby. I couldn’t get on with the brush though.
    Looks really good on you.

  5. 14th March 2010 / 6:26 PM

    This is a gorgeous polish. Looks equally gorgeous on you. I don’t own any of this brand. At least their easy to find in the drugstore. Well the brand is easy to find anyway.

  6. Helen
    15th March 2010 / 12:47 PM

    Babbling Brooke – Hi! And thankyou 🙂

    Jen – 59p? What a bargain. I can’t believe Mad As A Hatter fell off you. It gripped my nails like nothing on earth and I found it impossible to get off.

    Beth – Thankyou – exactly! I hope you find it!

    Britny – Glad you like it! It makes a change from the nudes, doesnt it?

    Nikki – Ahh I loved the brush! I don’t have OPI’s RRR so at least this means I don’t have to go after that one. Phew!

    Lucy – Thankypu – it’s nice to have something that’s readily available both sides of the pond!

  7. 16th March 2010 / 2:17 PM

    Canal Street is the gay area in Manchester, so that’s all I’m thinking of now when looking at this polish! It is a nice colour, but you know what I’m like with drugstore brands….

  8. 16th March 2010 / 11:38 PM

    Ha ha! It is! I want to watch Queer As Folk again now…

  9. 23rd March 2010 / 1:44 PM

    Okay, so I found this at CVS here in the States. However, it looks SO much darker in the bottle than it does in your pictures. I haven’t worn it yet (maybe next pedicure) but I hope it actually looks a bit lighter on than it does in the bottle. I got it for $2.00 US.

  10. 23rd March 2010 / 3:49 PM

    nice blog! But maybe you should shorten your nails, if they’re too long the tip bends to the outside, so the tip is wider than the beginning of your nail.

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