New year, same old me

It’s 2017 – how did that happen? I really do sound like my dad when I moan how time is zooming past. Any way, happy new year, everyone!

As you will have twigged, I haven’t updated the blog for a good couple of weeks and it feels great! In fact today is the first time I’ve logged onto the blog to write. Instead I’ve been spending time with my family, watching movies, cooking and eating myself into oblivion, and at no point I’ve felt any guilt for not blogging.

I am against the idea of writing a post of my hopes and aspirations for blogging in 2017 – sod that for a game of soldiers. Part of me is cynical about the way blogging has become contrived and false, another part of me feels very old as come March, this blog will be 8 years old and an additional portion of my conscience has let go of the stress generated from the first point. I must sound like a broken record because I swear I’ve said this before!

Any hoo, I will continue to blog (and vlog!) and when I do, it will be because I’m filled with inspiration to do so. This could be in bursts of five posts in a week or a few a month. You see, I don’t see the point of churning out soulless posts like a machine. I am not obsessed over traffic and building my Instagram followers, nor do I feel inclined to overly share my private life to garner attention. Just Nice Things has been and always will be a platform to critique beauty, share my thoughts and not take myself too seriously. The way I see it, those who read these pages loyally will always be here for the next new post and if that’s you, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking by me.


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