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Does anyone remember the time when MAC ruled the world with their make-up brushes? There were simply no one else that could knock them off their perch. Now it’s a completely different story with such a vast selection of high quality brushes to choose from and honestly speaking, my MAC brushes have been turfed out in favour of more affordable brushes which also happen to be far superior in quality.

One brand I’ve been reaching for on a daily basis is Nanshy’s synthetic brushes. In fact I’m completely enamoured with at least two of them. One is the Concealer 3D Brush, a sculpted brush that is both flat and tapered to evenly apply concealer. I’ve tried concealer brushes before and found them pretty lacklustre but I’m hooked on this one because it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s densely packed, holds product well and applies concealer evenly and smoothly under the delicate eye area. The pressure from the brush is ideal thanks to the angle of the tapered bristles, and consequently is far better than using your middle finger. Available with either a pearlescent white handle or Onyx Black, I am so impressed that I’m going to need a back-up. Available from Beauty Bay for £10.95.

My other favourite brush is the F02 Flawless Foundation Flat Top Brush (£9.95), a classic stippling brush that is soft to touch yet densely packed and which gives an airbrushed look. It applies and blends foundation seamlessly and quickly, leaving a flawlessly smooth and even coverage. Absolutely astounding quality and results and again, so reasonably priced.

These brushes have given me a craving for more – they are so soft and easy to work with. It’s incredible how extraordinary the quality of these are plus they’re cruelty-free and vegan friendly. I think these are so much more better than Zoeva’s brushes as well and it doesn’t surprise me Nanshy’s brushes are championed by professional make-up artists; having the right tools makes the job so much easier and enjoyable.

I’m indifferent about the 4-1 Makeup Blending Sponge however. Personally I wasn’t keen on using it. I prefer the Beautyblender over other blending sponges (when I do use it) but Nanshy’s offering isn’t appealing. I appreciate the 45 degree-angled, rounded, flat shape surface for tackling various contours of the face and the fine tip for covering imperfections and smaller, hard to reach areas…it’s just not for me. I’m more about the brushes, in fact I’m all over them.

To complete the kit, Nanshy has a solid brush and sponge cleaner (£10.95) housed in a little tin.It’s 100% natural, vegan, alcohol-free and cruelty-free, containing vitamin E and coconut milk. A small amount is enough to clean brushes and quickly too, even the most densely packed brushes used for foundation application succumb to the shampoo.

If you’re on the look-out to replace/upgrade/invest in new make-up brushes then I suggest you give Nanshy a try – you won’t regret it. Nanshy Brushes are available from Beauty Bay with free delivery for orders over £15. The solid brush and sponge soap/cleaner and blending sponge are available from Nanshy directly.

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