My turn for some nice things!

I will make this quick as a) I had a spinning class tonight and b) Helen’s twisted my arm to re-join Twitter and I’m trying to acquaint myself with how it works!

Any hoo…I came home to find a package waiting for me.  I couldn’t think what it could be since I haven’t bought anything online.  Well I opened the jiffy bag and to my absolute delight, some little delights from fellow blogger Nicole ( spilled out: a tube of Smash Box Photo Finish foundation primer that I’ve been dying to get my mitts on and a palette of eyeshadows from Kat Von D.  *screams*  Thank you, Nicole!  You’re a star and I hope you receive my package soon.  I really don’t want customs intervening on that one!

Nicole was sweet enough to throw in a Kit Kit bar that I shall resist till after my next spinning class.

Smash Box have recently announced they will be selling their products in department store Debenhams in the UK but the Kat Von D stuff is only supplied by Sephora which was shut down in the UK a few years ago.  Boo hoo hoo!  By the way Helen tells me how envious she is of the Kat Von D make-up.  She tells me Kat is the girlfriend of Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.

Right, that’s enough babbling from me.  I will be trying the primer and the eyeshadows this weekend and hopefully I will show you the results!

By the way, I’m


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  1. Liz
    6th November 2009 / 6:58 PM

    I love Photofinish! As Helen will no doubt know I am an advocate of mineral make up and waffled on about it long before all the media hyper (yes I am blowing my own trumpet toot toot!) Anyway, Photofinish gives a fabulous base for the mineral just to glide over and it really evens out my skin! My other favourite is Philosophy Flawless Poreless!

  2. Sheenie
    6th November 2009 / 8:08 PM

    I tried it this morning and immediately noticed the profound difference!

  3. Lucy
    7th November 2009 / 8:02 AM

    I have the Photo Finish and I love it. Does a fantastic job. I have all of Kat’s palettes. The shadow is really terrific. She is Nikky Sixx’s girlfriend and she also has a TV show called LA Ink. She has a tattoo parlor and that’s what the shows about. I don’t miss a show. I don’t have a tattoo but have tattoo envy. I hope you do a nice look with your shadow palette and post it. I also wish Nicole would start blogging again. I miss her.

  4. Liz
    7th November 2009 / 2:23 PM

    Glad you like it…..I think the texture of your skin feels fantastic after you apply it!

  5. xhelenx
    9th November 2009 / 8:52 AM

    Yayyyy. Lovely things. And yes, Kat Von D is indeed the girlfriend of the legendary Nikki Sixx. I think she is fab and therefore do not begrudge her whatsoever 😉

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