Models Own Gold Digger

*This is a reposting of one of my early blogs, only with recently updated photos*

Got the Kanye West earworm yet? I have…

Gold Digger is one of the first polishes I bought from Models Own, and it has to be one of the most perfect metallics ever. The whole time I was wearing this, I couldn’t help thinking that it looked as though I’d dipped my tips into a pot of molten metal.

Normally I steer clear of metallics as my experience so far is that you need very perfect nails to make them look good (I am still rocking some dents and ridges) and also the general brushstrokiness always puts me off. You can see that there, plus one rather large air bubble that was more to do with my hurried application than the performance of the polish itself.

 I think this would be the perfect partner to Illamasqua’s Solstice liquid metal and would also look amazing if you had a tan. I am planning on wearing this on summer toes next year as I think it would look great against black sandals.

How does this compare to its namesake polish – Gold Digga by Ciate? I don’t have Gold Digga myself but I did see a bottle of it passing through en route to Kelly (Vampy Varnish), who’s shown it here and you can see Sheenie’s review of it here. Models Own Gold Digger is not only spelt correctly (you know what a spelling freak I am) but I feel it is a more solid and less brush-strokey shade. The Ciate is more bronzed, and not quite as smooth.

So what do you think? As we near the festive period, are you (like me) thinking about digging your gold polishes out of your stash?



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  1. 6th November 2011 / 3:19 AM

    I don’t own any Model’s Own. Would love to but they aren’t sold here, yet. I’m hoping someone will sell them. We now have some Nails, Inc at Sephora. I can only hope! Love gold polishes. It’s funny that there are so many different shades & finishes. I don’t think I have a one that’s the same as another that I own. Hope that made sense. I try not to order new ones. Sometimes they just insinuate themselves into my online cart. It is a problem with this finish that they show ever dent. I just hope people will be blinded by the beauty of the gold.

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