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I keep staring at my nails…would you just look at them? Isn’t this the finest manicure you’ve seen? This is the work of Mercedez Merx aka Miss Merx, fellow beauty blogger and a freelance nail technician who doesn’t cut corners in her job and is passionate about keeping nails healthy.

Mercedez has years of experience under her belt and is OPI trained, and she has worked with some big clients and counts some amazing ones in her loyal list of customers.

A few weeks ago I whinged I hadn’t enough time to sort myself with a manicure for my friend Lisa’s wedding in Edinburgh. I was one of four bridesmaids, you see. Mercedez came to my rescue with my first ever gel manicure (shocking admission for a beauty blogger) and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. Now let me tell you something, this girl is GOOD. No, wait – not good, AMAZING.

My session took a good hour and the result was such a neat and precise manicure. Mercedez prides herself on being ‘old school’ in her practising of manicures. She will come to your home or to your work place if you prefer and pamper your talons till they look like you could be a hand model. It’s sheer bliss to have someone visit you in the comfort and privacy of your own haven. You’re not rushing to park somewhere or endure public transport to get to your appointment on time. I think people forget the benefits of a mobile service.

I’ve had a fair number of manicures and this one didn’t pinch or hurt a bit especially on the cuticles. My long nails were uneven to start with due to breakages but Mercedez didn’t bat any eyelid and filed them down to a beautiful shape.

The dress code for the bridesmaids was red and black so Mercedez showed me a few red shades and I settled for OPI’s Malaga Wine. Now I’m pretty brutal with my (strong) nails – I dragged a heavy suitcase to Edinburgh, whacked my nails a few times and it didn’t chip. Two weeks on and the gel manicure is unscathed. A regular manicure would have endured a few cracks and chips within a few days but Mercedez did a fabulous job and I’m converted to gel manicures. They’re perfect for holidays and special occasions as they last longer and their endurance is incredible.

So I’ve got me a regular hair stylist, hair colourist, beautician and now I can add Miss Mercedez Merx to the list as my manicurist.

I urge you to give Mercedez a try. She covers greater London and surrounding areas like Hertfordshire, Kent and Essex…basically if she can get to you, she will get to you.

Visit www.missmerxmanis.com for more information on the manicures and pedicures Mercedez does and the prices.

Oh and here are some photos from the wedding of Lisa Simpson (yes, that is her real name) who is now Mrs Redpath. Congratulations to you and Gary, Lisa. xx

Products used: Mac’s Face & Body foundation, Daniel Sandler’s Waterblush in Spicey, Sephora’s cream lip stain in red and lash extensions by NX Lashes.



  1. Lisa Redpath
    29th October 2012 / 7:41 PM

    You looked stunning as always affie and so pleased you could make it and bring sunshine too!!! Xxx

  2. Rucksana hussain
    29th October 2012 / 7:45 PM

    Ahhhh your nails, love them!! That is a beautiful
    Colour too..!

    And you looked lovely as a bridesmaid..!! Your so
    Going to be mine, when I get married 🙂 xx

  3. Sheenie
    29th October 2012 / 10:16 PM

    Thank you, my darling Lisa! And thank you, Rucksana. They grow fast so quickly. I wish my hair did the same thing!

  4. Andrea
    5th November 2012 / 9:04 AM

    Looking lovely, Sheenie! I’m a big fan of CND Shellac myself, I know that Mercedez uses that too so maybe you could give that a go next time. I must ask, where is that gorgeous ring from?

  5. Sheenie
    5th November 2012 / 11:33 AM

    Thanks, Andrea. The ring is a present from mum when she went on holiday earlier this year. So many have commented on it and I wished she had bought more than one.

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