Maybelline New York Nail Art Masterclass

Last night I attended a nail art masterclass courtesy of Maybelline New York. Now if I can achieve a manicure without painting my knuckles, that’s a big accomplishment for me so to take things to the next level with nail art was pushing the boat out, particularly when Leanne of Do Not Refreeze put me to shame with her fantastic skills.

But nail art is something I’ve been curious about for ages and here was my chance to find out how to do clever things like ombre nails or a leopard design with the guidance of expert nail artist Michelle Humphrey.


Nail artist Michelle Humphrey

There was a spectrum of shades from Maybelline’s Color Show range at our fingertips to do three individual designs – a kiss, flowers and an ombre effect with a leopard design. Seriously it looked like hard work but there was deep concentration all around the room once Michelle got started.


I’ve realised a few things you need to be prepared for when doing nail art – you need a steady work surface (the arm of your sofa really isn’t a good idea), ample time and patience! The beauty with nail art is you can cover up mistakes easily and unless you’re anally retentive, it doesn’t have to be perfect. (I’m sorry for using the word ‘anal’ in a beauty post, Maybelline – first time too, won’t happen again…)


Leanne’s a pro!


I was surprised you don’t need a great number of fiddly tools either. We had one fine brush and a eyeshadow sponge applicator. For the leopard design 4 shades ranging from yellow to turquoise blue were simply dabbed on and then the edging blended with the sponge applicator, and for the flowers and kiss design, the nail polish was painted on with the brush.

An hour and half later, here is the mess I made…

IMG_6222 maybellinecloseup

Not bad although I was convinced at the start this would end in tears. Bear in mind I only practised on my left hand so I don’t know how I will fair with my right but any fears I had about nail art has been dispelled after this session with Michelle and I feel more confident and inspired to do more. What do you think? If you’ve never tried nail art, are you tempted to give it a try now?

For more on Maybelline New York’s Color Show collection, visit or you can buy them from Boots – they’re only £2.99 each. Such vibrant colours and so versatile for simple manicures to intense nail trends.

You can also watch how to do nail art designs with Color Show and Michelle Humphrey on their YouTube channel.



  1. 2nd May 2013 / 10:10 AM

    You said anal. *giggle*

    Your kiss print is SO GOOD!

  2. Sheenie
    2nd May 2013 / 11:01 AM

    It is the correct medical word…I could have used ‘arse hole’, you know – oops! You are such a terrible influence!

    Thanks, I am surprised at how the kiss turned out – thought it would be the hardest. Your leopard design knocks the spots off mine (arf!) xx

  3. Britny
    4th May 2013 / 9:51 PM

    i think I would just make such a mess lol. My friend is doing nail evening classes at college at the moment so am currently sporting acrylic nails with butterflies and stars

  4. Sheenie
    5th May 2013 / 8:31 PM

    Britny, what’s it like wearing acrylics? Are they long?

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