Lust for Lyst: inspiration for a new wardrobe

Lust for Lyst: inspiration for a new wardrobe


My days of binge-shopping (especially in the sales) are long gone. Time and money is too precious and I’m all about making selective choices. I’m also more confident and trusting of online shopping for clothes. The sheer convenience of perusing at my leisure without leaving the comfort of my domicile is a massive plus point plus there is the delivery straight to my door to look forward to. But online clothes shopping can be taxing on the brain and if a site is too cluttered or not easy to navigate, I’m turned off. Some retailers have got it spot on while others haven’t a clue. How do you get the perfect balance? Well one name that is changing the way we shop online is Lyst, a fashion hub that allows you to purchase products from multiple retailers through one portal.

With over 9000 designers and over 2000 stores available at your fingertips, Lyst does the virtual leg work for you and at the same time, cuts out the obstacles in between by cherry-picking the finest selections on offer.

When Lyst got in touch and asked me if I’d like to put their shopping concept to the test, initially I thought I’d have a quick ‘window shop’. To get going couldn’t be any easier. Lyst is inviting from the first click – a chic, minimalistic looking site which cuts to the chase. You register with your email address and within seconds are ready to go. It’s also available as an app for your smartphone or tablet.

To get you onto the right path, you’re asked what designers and retailers you like (yes or no answers), which helps to build your profile and target the right names to you. It’s a fine balance of designers and the best of the high street. You can also use the search bar and put in anything like a colour or look by category, and the results will be fed back.


Creating lists or ‘lysts’ works like Pinterest except it comes with virtual shopping basket. That supposed window shop I mentioned? Well I found myself lost on Lyst as I created a ‘wish lyst’ of items I want for a new wardrobe.

Looking for shoes, clothes and accessories on Lyst is fun, possibly addictive but definitely fun and easy. You can create multiple boards, rename them and best of all, track what’s in stock in your size so nothing is out of date thanks to the impressive tools and technology Lyst has incorporated onto its site.

I’m more about classic pieces as they remain timeless but also like to inject colour into my wardrobe. Currently I am hooked on the shade gray (about 50 of them, yes) followed by the monochrome look and a bright colour or two, so my favourite picks from Lyst reign in all of these desires. Speaking of which…


lyst3lyst4lyst5lyst6I have to say using Lyst is breath of fresh air and I think I’ll be switching the way I shop online as a result of it. What do you think to making a shopping lyst?

*This post is a collaboration with Lyst.


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