Lauren’s Way Dream Rollers

I loathe The Only Way Is Essex (or TOWIE) but the programme is incredibly popular and has proved to be a launch pad for many of its cast members.

Lauren Goodger is one of the originals and when she’s not pictured in the tabloids falling out of night clubs bleary eyed, she actually has a range of beauty products that are truly Lauren’s Way – fake tan, false lashes and hair rollers.

So when I was approached to review her products, I did wonder where I stood on my morals. Like I said, I don’t like the television show but I have heard Lauren is a rare example of selling something which works and before writing her off, I should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Honestly there is nothing that I would appeal to me from her range (fake tanning is lost on me though her stuff is apparently excellent) but I decided to venture forth and try Lauren’s set of hair rollers. Called Dream Rollers, they are designed to be worn in your barnet while you sleep so when you wake up in the morning and unravel them, curly locks will come tumbling down a la Essex girl style.

They are immensely easy to use and hair really does grip to them. It takes me about 3 minutes to pop them in. OK, it’s a messy job as I don’t have the patience to section each part and roll them symmetrically but they do work.

There is a soft sponge cushioning the rollers making them light and soft on the scalp and they flatten from pressure allowing you to doze off.

Sleeping in them isn’t impossible provided you chuck your pillow out of the way but the feeling is still odd and you won’t be in for a comfortable sleep. I pulled them out in the middle of the night the first time but persevered till the morning on another occasion. One or two from the back fell out though my hair is short it must be said but the rest were still intact. I would pop them in while you’re getting ready to go out and take them out when you’re done.

The selling point of these rollers is they are ideal for long hair but if like me you’ve got a bob, well curls ain’t gonna happen. Instead they do work really well to give hair volume at the roots.

I also noticed my hair looked smoother, shinier, fuller and was easier to style. Best of all I noticed my hair did not feel greasy at the roots, which is often the case even when I’ve washed it the night before.

I have tried rollers before and they haven’t faired well but Lauren’s Dream Rollers are fool-proof and work brilliantly. Suddenly I have a soft spot for the Essex belle.

A pack of 20 rollers costs £16.95. For more information or to buy online, visit

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  1. 27th November 2012 / 11:51 PM

    Sheenie, I honestly have no words!!!!

    Ambarina –

  2. Sheenie
    28th November 2012 / 12:06 AM

    Shaaa aaaap! Xx

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