Laser Hair Removal with Sk:n (part 6)

I had my final Sk:n session a couple of weeks ago and it hurt. The nurse treating me could tell as I silently winced but I didn’t beg her to stop. I wanted to get it over and done with and when those long 30 seconds were over, I felt victorious. I’d reached the finishing line.

It’s amazing to think this journey began eight months ago. As I have documented in my previous posts, having laser hair removal has its up and down moments. Sometimes it feels absolutely fine, other times it can be teeth-grittingly uncomfortable. Also the most sensitive areas are the underarms and the bikini (plus the rest of that region) so you have to expect some highly unpleasant sensation. But the final results are worth the trouble – the discomfort, the regular appointments every 4-6 weeks, the smell of singed follicles. It’s all worth it for being fuzz-free.

A few of you have expressed a desire to undergo laser hair removal and my advice is to decide what is most important. The cost of laser hair removal is determined by the surface area covered so legs will cost a hell of a lot more than the underarms.  If you can afford to commit both the time and the money, you will see results but you also have to be aware not everyone can have it done, which is why Sk:n will meet for a consultation first.

I wanted to get my underarms done as I was fed up of shaving and I think this is a common complaint amongst many. I like not having to think twice about wearing short-sleeve or sleeveless clothes and of course, hygiene is very important. Compared to waxing every 4-6 weeks, you only need six treatments with laser and each session takes less than a minute. I also had my chin area tackled.

For some the option of laser hair removal is the only solution to tackling excessive growth, sometimes in the most unlikely of parts and this can affect confidence.  Surprisingly a large number of clients Sk:n has are men.

I could have another session or start another course but my results have been astounding so I don’t really need to. Each case will be different but the minimum number of sessions is usually six. I would say I’ve seen 95% reduction and the regrowth is very, very sparse, in fact hardly noticeable.

If you would like to find out more about laser hair removal with Sk:n, visit their website for more details.

*I was a guest of Sk:n clinic but all views are entirely my own.


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