Laser Hair Removal with Sk:n (part 5)

It’s time for another update on my laser hair removal journey with Sk:n! Last week I popped into my local clinic for the penultimate treatment of my underarms. Actually it was supposed to be my test patch appointment following my holiday but when I explained I didn’t end up exposing my pits in a scorching sunbathing session and in fact kept them covered throughout the break, my nurse decided there was no need to have a test patch to work out what settings the laser should be on. Besides I (think) am on the highest setting so I don’t think a test patch would have altered things.

I know I’ve explained the vast difference laser hair removal makes but I haven’t shown the proof. Until now. So here’s a snap of my underarm showing the regrowth following four sessions over the course of the last six months:

I hadn’t shaved in about two weeks so the extra fine growth you see is what’s left. The rest is completely fuzz-free. It’s hard to believe the hair was quite coarse before I started treatment with Sk:n – now it’s so sparse.

As my treatments progressed, I noticed how much quicker it was to laser. This session took less than a minute for both underarms. Waxing takes longer! Also with the hair so thin, it hurts less although the pain barrier can depend on factors such as the time of the month when you’re feeling more sensitive. Regardless of how it feels, it’s a very small sacrifice for astounding longterm results.

It is recommended to have six treatments for the underarms but yes, there will be some hairs remaining because of the hair cycle. It’s so minimal that you can just shave it off. Regrowth is slow – before I would have to shave every day, now it’s every few days. If you prefer, there is the option to continue having more sessions or an annual top-up but the effects of laser hair treatment should last a good number of years. Even when the effects start to wear off, the regrowth will never be full-on so long as the area is not plucked or waxed.

Another thing I’ve noticed from having laser treatment is I no longer have dark marks on armpits, which waxing and shaving often leads to and when you have dark hairs, it shows up much more.

I have one more appointment left with Sk:n next month, which conveniently concludes in time for the weather change.

Interested in a more permanent solution to hair removal? You can book a free consultation with Sk:n at your nearest clinic. Visit their website for more details.

*I was a guest of Sk:n clinic but all views are entirely my own.


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