Kiehl’s: Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

When I hear the name Kiehl’s, I don’t think of bloggers and influencers waxing lyrical about their products, I think of this (time stamp is 0:42 by the way):

2018 marks the year I acquired my first Kiehl’s product and it’s one I stumbled on by chance when it was recommended by several people on a Facebook group for treating the appearance of dark circles.

There are two sizes costing £26 (14ml) and £37.00 (28ml). The larger one isn’t a huge size but then, it’s not needed when it’s just the eye area that’s being treated. I did balk at the price but as the verdict was highly positive plus you know, it contains super-food avocado, I was pulled in. I don’t think I’ve got any beauty products containing avocado. As a defined super-food it has multiple benefits in feeding the body on the inside so hopes were high it would make a difference from the outside too.

It’s a lusciously thick, avocado coloured cream, best dabbed sparingly. From the warmth of  applying it with a finger, the cream rapidly turns into a watery texture, making it easy to massage into the delicate area, hydrating the under eye area and absorbing quickly. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive so it won’t irritate the eyes and it is fine to use both day and night.

Does it work? Not to the extent that I had hoped it would. It feels comfortable and my under eyes definitely absorb the hydration created from the cream but I don’t feel it has reduced the appearance of my dark circles. Some days they are better and some days they’re not, which I am putting down to the in-take of water and the sleep I manage to get. To be exact, it hasn’t quite worked for me which isn’t to say it might not work for others. I feel dark circles are more prominent on Asian skin tones, perhaps not so noticeable on fairer skin tones, which leads me to believe this cream may have better results on others. And yes, I am kicking myself for buying the larger pot, which I fully intend to use up.

Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado is available from Feel Unique.


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