James Brown London: Colour Enhance shampoo & conditioner


James Brown, from what I know of, is a famous hair stylist with famous friends like Kate Moss. (No, he’s not the deceased soul brother singer). The UK JB and KM hail from the same home town of Croydon and since 2007 James has also had his own product range sold in Boots.

The Colour Enhance Shampoo (£6.12/250ml) and Conditioner (£6.12/250ml) are the latest products to hit the shelves of Boots formulated to brighten and revitalise colour treated locks. The special formula contains sunflower extract and vitamin E to help brighten and maintain colour and cuticle-smoothing milk proteins to help reduce static and shine.

Hmm, yeah I admit that is all double Dutch and what you want to know is, does it work? Well colour fades with washing, even with colour enhancing shampoos and conditioners. I noticed a loss of colour when I washed my hair with these products, and my tresses were coloured about 3 weeks ago.

I also found the formula was a little rich for my porous hair, and I make sure I don’t shampoo more than once, which is the advice given with the Colour Enhance duo. It also states to leave the shampoo in the hair for 2 minutes. I don’t have a stop watch in the bathroom so all this timing malarkey is extra faffing.

It is an affordable range and it has a name tagged to it but that’s as far as things go. I’m sure it works better for others, it’s just not for me.

All James Brown products are available exclusively from larger Boots stores nationwide and online at http://www.boots.com/en/James-Brown-London/.

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  1. 4th January 2013 / 6:53 AM

    Have you tried L’Oreal’s INOA? I’m obsessed with that range as it maintains colour brilliantly, softens and shines hair but doesn’t weigh it down at all xx

  2. Sheenie
    4th January 2013 / 10:15 AM

    I haven’t, Sascha. I will have to refrain from using my usual shampoos soon as I am having a few extensions put in to support the growth and strengthen the sides so I will have to use a special product to maintain those. I’m not sure I will want to keep them in but will give it a try.

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