Ingenious Beauty: Ultimate Collagen+

Younger looking skin, strong nails and luscious hair – just a few things we all crave if we’re not fortunate to have them. What if there was a pill on the market which could help give you these desirable features? Hold the front page – there is.

Ingenious Beauty’s Ultimate Collagen+ is a scientifically formulated oral beauty supplement that replenishes collagen and hyaluronic acid in the body, the levels of which are reduced from ageing. It also tackles UV damage and encourages the growth of strong hair and nails as well as firmer skin as well as helping to combat skin damage caused by sunlight and environmental pollution.

The capsules contain three 100% natural ingredients, each with individual properties claiming to leave your skin looking younger and revitalised. These are:

  • natural marine collagen to repair structure and smooth skin from damage caused by environmental factors such as UV rays and low humidity;
  • natural Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the skin; and
  • Astaxanthin, a naturally occurring antioxidant, found in certain marine plants and animals with a unique molecular structure proven to reverse UV damage and reduce the negative effects of UV rays whilst helping to improve skin moisture levels, elasticity and smoothness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, freckles and spots as well as imrpove the health of the heart and yes, cellular health and the body’s immune system. Phew!

There are approximately 120 capsules in a jar and you can take between one to three every day. These must be taken last thing before going to bed – the emptier the stomach is, the better the results will be so no midnight snacks. The formulation is contained in an enteric capsule which does not just settle within the stomach, where the majority of collagen supplements are broken down, thereby losing their true skincare benefits and eventually passing through the body. Ultimate Collagen+ travels to the small intestine where the body absorbs the highest levels of nutrients, so you are guaranteed maximum exposure with popping these pills.

I finished my jar a few days ago, taking the recommmended three every night which equates to 40 days. Clinical tests show a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines within 10-20 days and an improvement by “26% in 40 days”. The capsules have a subtle fishy aroma to them, hence the marine collagen peptide. It doesn’t bother me at all and as I said, it’s subtle so once you knock them back, the smell is gone.

Initially I didn’t notice any difference in the first few weeks. For one, I have always had strong nails which grow quickly but I have noticed my fine hair appears to be thicker. I say ‘appears’ because hair is dead and it will be months before a difference in growth is obvious. Nonetheless I am not complaining that my hair looks fuller. A major difference is my hair has a sheen to it. My hair is never glossy no matter how much time and money I invest in products but since taking Ingenious Beauty’s Ultimate Collagen+ capsules, I have got this fabulous shine which is still evident when I don’t use heat protection, hair spray, serums or any other hair enhancing products. This makes me very happy – I was convinced living in a hard water area was the reason for the dull and dreary looking tresses. Now I know it was down to a lack of collagen in my system.

I’m lucky not to have a plethora of fine lines and wrinkles (yet) but if these can delay the process before they do put in an appearance then I’m up for it. I think my skin looks the same, however I’ve only been taking the capsules for 40 days and I suspect if I continue with them, the results will show more profoundly. Do I want to carry on with Ultimate Collagen+? I do. I’m liking the results so far and because it’s a natural product with no side effects, I have no reason to be concerned about the ingredients being harmful.

A jar of 120 capsules usually costs £75, however Ingenious Beauty is selling them for the special price of £55 in October only. What’s even better is Look Fantastic has a limited edition triple box for £150 (usual price £225) so that works out to be £50 for four months.

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