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I am very excited about this post because it’s the first double review on Just Nice Things. For the price of one, you get a new YouTube video and a written review – how spoilt are you?

Here is my video review on HoMedics’ 3D Extended Track Shiatsu Massager – and it’s shorter than an extended Lady Gaga video. Enjoy!


If you prefer, the original written post is below:


I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t complain of shoulder and back aches from stress. It would be lovely if we could all afford a personal masseuse but we are busy folk juggling full-time jobs as well as other commitments, indulging in a professional massage is considered more of a treat when it should be a necessity.

So, when HoMedics rushed to my rescue with their 3D Extended Track Shiatsu Massager, it was like my birthday and Christmas had come early (I’m a December baby, born a week before the 25th).

I love a good massage with some of my favourites being Thai, a deep tissue massage I had at a Moroccan hammam in London and a hot stone one but I’ve never had a Shiatsu. This chair replicates the Japanese experience 3D style, combining Shiatsu and vibration massage with soothing heat and all at a touch of a button and as often as you like. I

t’s so easy to set up. The seat is pretty robust but comfortable. It has two Velcro straps located at the back to secure to a chair and the large remote control is simple and clear to operate with icons to indicate the level and type of massage required. There are two types of massage this chair can do – Shiatsu for relieving the tighest knots and a rolling massage for stretching and relaxing muscles. Also there are three areas the massage chair can focus on on – lower back, mid back and full back, which are all self-explanatory to select from the remote control.

Once finished, it folds up nicely and there is a bag to zip it up in and carry away should you want to. I went straight for the full Shiatsu. Let me throw this out there – this beast isn’t gentle. It’s not one of those pansy massage chairs where you hardly feel anything. The chair conceals a spherical-like mechanism which rotates and moves up and down at the same time. As it kneaded my shoulders I had to grit my teeth where the pain was concentrated but after I felt so much better.

A few minutes on this chair is more than enough when you consider a professional massage can last up to an hour and that doesn’t include travelling to a salon for the treatment. I can appreciate how convenient this massage chair is and if used moderately will relieve you of the everyday aches and tension. It is strongly advised this massager is not used for more than 20 minutes and the chair will time out after so many minutes so as to tell you time’s up.

Some of my friends who own a HoMedics chair swear by it for their back complaints and it’s great knowing this gadget is within easy reach whenever the need arises. It is, of course, no match for the real deal where a professional will know exactly what sort of treatment is suitable. Also it is so nice to have someone look after you and make you feel amazing afterwards but for the occasions when I can’t find the time to book myself an appointment, I know a few minutes on this chair will tide me over.

The HoMedics 3D Extended Track Shiatsu Massager retails at £199.99 and comes with a two year guarantee.  If you have serious back problems, please seek professional medical advice first before considering one of these massagers.

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